5 Steps to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

January 4, 2013

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Happy New Year travel lovers and welcome to 2013!

I hope you’ve all taken some time to reflect on 2012 and are ready to continue this year making your dreams and goals (especially as it pertains to travel) a reality.

Last year was an amazing year in travel. In contrast to 2011,  I only visited 1 new country, the United Kingdom, but spent nearly 9 months living, working and playing in Jamaica, one of my favorite places in the world!

New Year's Even Party Kingston Jamaica

Getting Ready for XClusive, New Year’s Eve Party in Kingston

Here are some of my other 2012 travel highlights:

But now 2013 is upon and I take it by you being here you are looking to make travel a continued or increased part of your life. For those who need a little kick start, check out the video for more…

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So what are your travel dreams and goals for 2013? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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6 Responses to “5 Steps to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True”

  1. Angela Myers Says:

    Awesome April. I am spreading my wings even further in 2013 and hoping to take a month off work (keep your fingers crossed) to travel across Europe!


  2. Stephanie Jones Says:

    Good video. Gonna download and pass along the info. But my fave…the dress, girl! You looked great.


  3. Jamaipanese Says:

    2012 was good to you April. I am confident you will do even greater things in 2013.

    Other than a possible trip to NY I have no travel plans for 2013 but come 2014 I have my eye on a second trip to JAPAN!


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