Jamaica in London (Part 3)

Jamaica in London, Part 3

In East London, just off of Brick Lane, on a Scalter Street parking lot wall, you’ll find this…a very color tribute to the fastest man in the world, Mr. Usain St. Leo Bolt. Painted by James Cochran (aka Jimmy C.). Cochran. Jimmy C. studied at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, runs paint workshops for at risk youth exhibits in France and has painted street art around the world, including Paris and Berlin. James is also no stranger to the walls of East London/Brick Lane where he has more of his work. He chose the location of his Jamaican subject’s portrait in part because of the mix of nationalities in the area.

After this summer’s London Olympics, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about Bolt. And apparently I found one of these rock dwellers.  Walking towards the mural, I was greeted by a middle aged gentleman who appeared to be preparing to do some painting himself. He was waiting on a friend to join him and head to their next destination. As he waiting, we talked. The usual “You aren’t from around here” conversation ensued as we exchanged abbreviated life stories  over a 10 minute span. Five or so different people emerged to snap photos on everything from camera phones to more sophisticated DSLRs and each time he looked with confusion.  As a I prepared to continue on to my destination, he finally mustered the courage to ask…”who the heck is this guy and why are so many people taking pics?” Of course I had to school him.

Turns out he wasn’t THAT clueless after all. He was well aware of the name and Bolt’s accomplishments, just not his face. Well now he knows.

As I’m now back in Jamaica, I’m hoping to have my own in person encounter with the fastest man in the world. Rumor has it, he’s broken up with his UK model girlfriend.

Usain Bolt, Jamaica in London

Usain Bolt mural in London

Marnie Searchwell Cakes

I met Marnie in Jamaica on the Barrington Watson Retrospective tour I took earlier in 2012 with Jamaica Culture Enterprises. We stayed in touch and when I arrived in London, she welcomed me into her home for tea and orange cake. We talked of her initial move to London (for school), Jamaica’s perception in the world vs her reality and her travels around Europe.

Marnie Searchwell Cakes specializes in luxury, gluten-free homemade desserts. She even has a gourmet cake club which has you and she delivers a gourmet cake to your home each month….I wonder if there is a gourmet cupcake club…hmmm. She also delivers!

I left with one of her award winning luxury Jamaican fruit cakes. For gluton and dairy free, it sure was good (and not just because of the rum).

Marnie Searchwell Cakes, Jamaica in London

Marnie Searchwell’s award winning Luxury Jamaican Fruit Cake steeped in Appleton Jamaican Rum…YUM!!!!

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For more examples of Jamaican Culture around the world, the rest of the series, “Jamaican Culture in.” Have a photo or story you want to share for the series? Send your ideas to me at  info [at] absolutetraveladdict [dot] com.


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