Enjoying a drink at the Half Moon Resort before Dancell Hall Night, Reggae Sumfest 2011

Enjoying a drink at the Half Moon Resort before Dancell Hall Night, Reggae Sumfest 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Highly skilled Research Engineer with a flourishing career in sales and marketing goes rogue, ditches her day job, sells all her stuff, and couchsurfs to fuel her travel addiction!

Not quite…but just as much fun!

How exactly does a math and science-minded woman with a less than fulfilling corporate career end up with sore muscles from capoeira in Kingston, Jamaica and big smiles from sake tasting in Tokyo, Japan?

These weren’t vacation getaways or lucky business trips.

They are the types of experiences that fuel my addiction, and turned this blog into a convenient resource for travel addicts (and dreamers) and travel agents and business and destinations alike.

Hi, I’m April, The Absolute Travel Addict!

I got my first travel-writing assignment when I went to the Philippines at age two!

Okay, it wasn’t a writing gig.  It was a military relocation for my family back in 1984.   But I do credit that three-year experience as being the catalyst for my love of all things travel and cultural exploration.

Growing up in a military town afforded me the luxury of experiencing people from diverse cultures very early in my life.  Today, I’ve expanded that experience to include 20 countries (and counting!), all because I’ve held one intention:

Explore our world and enjoy the journey!

That intention led me to my decision to “Quit The Life”Now, I’ve made a habit of designing a life that feeds my curiosities.  I sharpened my writing skills at MatadorU New Media School, and I shifted my professional commitments to encompass more of my love for digital and social media marketing, travel and tourism, technology and travel writing.

Living my life out loud has opened doors to a feature in Essence Magazine, a long list of published travel articles, a spot as a panelist at the 2011 Conference on Social Media and Tourism and Meet Plan Go in Miami, and much more. My girlie laptop bag is usually my only travel companion, but I’ve met some amazing people who bring new perspective and value to my life. Someone is always willing to help maximize my stay in a new locale.  Life works out that way sometimes; decide on a thing, plan a bit, take a chance, and watch the resources present themselves to you.

Are you enjoying your journey?

If you are, then this site is a great place for us to connect and share our incredible experiences.  If you’re not, then perhaps my adventures and travel resources will show you just how possible it is to make room in your life to do what you love. 

Want to know more about how I feed my addiction?  Read How I Make This Travel Thing Work.

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Here are some ways I use my addiction for good: Travel Philanthropy

Here are some of the smile-inducing notes I’ve gotten throughout my travels: Testimonials from readers and clients.

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