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Jamaican Flag

To say I love Jamaica is an understatement!

So much about this tiny island has captured me and keeps me coming back again and again — perfect weather, fresh food, contagious music and amazing people.

Since this addiction began 3 years ago, I’ve…

Despite all that I’ve seen and done, this obsession is far from being over…

Looking for a memorable visit to Jamaica? Let me be your virtual guide…

Kingston, Jamaica Skyline

Kingston, Jamaica

What it’s like living and working in Jamaica: 

Places to stay in Jamaica: 

Events in Jamaica:

Things to Do in Jamaica: 

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Bath Mineral Spring, Bath, St. Thomas, Jamaica

Mud massage at Bath Fountain, St. Thomas, Jamaica

Blue Lagoon, Portland, Jamaica

Rafting at the world famous Blue Lagoon in Portaland, Jamaica

Half Moon Resort, Rose Hall, Jamaica

Half Moon Resort, Rose Hall, Jamaica


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