I Want to Go with Oh to Barcelona

I need a Barcelona do over!!

Go with Oh: Barcelona do over!

Let me explain…

After 7 days exploring (aka climbing the 7 hills of ) Lisbon, I made my way to Spain for a week in Barcelona before heading back to the US. Sounds like an awesome trip, right? Well it was until around day 2 in Spain when I got sick. Not just a sniffle here and there, but flu sick, complete with body aches, fatigue and nausea. I spent the majority of the trip in bed recovering and not out enjoying my first trip to Barcelona. I want a do over and next time, I want to do it with Go With Oh!

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Not convinced yet? Keep reading…

Five (of the many) Reasons I Want to Go with Oh to Barcelona

1.) Get a little Beach Time In: On my first trip to Barca, I crashed at a friend’s flat, just a few meters from Barcelonta beach, I had perfect views of the still water and perfect sunset and sunshine through his floor to ceiling windows, but I never got to get out and enjoy it. Why? Well one because it was January and FREEZING and two because even if it were warm, I was too sick most of the trip to move out of bed. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment, so next time, I want to hit the beautiful beaches of Barcelona in the spring/summer for a quick dip and a little people watching.

Go With Oh: Sunset at Barceloneta Beach

Sunset at Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, Spain

2.) Stuff My Face: When you’re sick, food tends to taste like chunks of plain, cold and unseasoned tofu. The few times I did make it out for drinks and tapas, everything looked amazing, but the lack of discernible flavors coupled with the inability to swallow because of my sore throat left me a bit deflated. This has to be rectified the second time around! I’m thinking a redo of tapas and drinks in the Gothic District would be first and then first time visits to the La Boqueria Market and maybe Dos Palillos, a restaurant that combines the Spanish tapas concept with Asian gastronomy. Wherever I end up, I’m definitely bringing my appetite and will try anything with ham or chorizo in it, especially if it’s deep fried!

Go with Oh: Spanish Tapas

Lentils, olives, and mixed charcuterie by WordRidden

3.) Find Barcelona’s Best Cupcakes: The cupcake phenomena has hit Europe with a vengeance and since I’m on the search for the world’s best cupcake, it’s only right that I sample what Barcelona has to offer. I’m thinking Cup + Cake, Lolita Bakery and Florentine  would be great starting points, but I’m always open for suggestions. And to wash it all down, a couple of cups of freshly brewed tea from Tealosophy by Ines Burton would be a perfect pairing. I stumbled across Tealosophy roaming the streets of Palermo in Buenos Aires. They make the freshest and most unique tea blends I have EVER tasted and the only location outside of  Buenos Aires to buy it (and homemade dulce de leche) is Barcelona!

Go with oh to Barcelona: At Tealosophy by Ines Burton in Palermo Buenos Aires with Neera and owner Ines Burton

At Tealosophy by Ines Burton in Palermo Buenos Aires with Neera and Owner, Ines Burton

4.) City of Gaudi: Out of all of Gaudi’s architecture in the city, I only really had the opportunity to really dig into one, Casa Batlló, before aches, pains and chills go the best of me and I retreated back to bed. I’m looking forward to a proper tour of Gaudi’s creations, especially Sagrada Família, Casa Milà and Parc Güell. I made this winning suggestion to Loah and Leah, who obliged and just so happened to be staying in a Go With Oh property with an amazing view of Sagrada Família! Next time, I want in on the Gaudi and Barcelona fun and the awesome photo ops!

Go With Oh Apartment in Barcelona next to Sagrada Familia

Swanky Go With Oh Apartment in Barcelona with amazing views of Gaudi’s  Sagrada Familia

On the lookout for Jamaican Culture in Spain

5.) Jamaican Culture in Spain: A few clicks around my blog and you’re likely to find 3,465 references to Jamaica. I’ll admit I’m a little bit of a Jamaica-holic, but as much as I love spending my winters (and lot more of my time) in yaad, I do visit other parts of the world. And, because Jamaicans are EVERYWHERE, I’ve been enjoying discovering Jamaican Culture in other parts of the world. Barcelona would be no exception. I already have mental plans to tek time and enjoy Stush and Teng, a Jamaican inspired restaurant and lounge and link with the Jamaican expats in Spain.

*BONUS* If the stars align, I’d also love to check out FC Barcelona in action. I’m not really a soccer fanatic, but sports is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and the matches look like soooo much fun!

So who’s coming with me?

Hands down it would have to be my homie Neera. We’ve known each other since the first day of undergrad over 12 …whoops I mean five years ago. I typically prefer to travel solo, but on my most epic, non-solo adventures, she’s been right there with me…crashing private parties at Miami’s Mercedes Fashion Week Swim, getting lost for hours outside of Buenos Aires, partying until the sun came up on Copacabana Beach during Reveillon in Rio de Janeiro and sooo much more! We’re the perfect travel pair and would paint Barcelona red, Delusional Diva style!

Go with Oh: Rio de Janeiro NYE Reveillon 2011

Neera and I in Rio having dinner before the Reveillon festivities began.

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  • Robert Mullings says...

    Hi April, sorry to hear you got sick in Spain, but did you ever hear the saying, “Prevention is better than the cure.” Meaning at this time, you need a flu shot because when travelling over-sea’s you come in contact with so many people travelling from who knows where, and this is how alot of diseases are transmitted. We have to be more conscious every day now, because our bodies have become immune to alot of helpful drugs, including Penicillin, and drug companies are no longer spending the money to create drugs to fight off the “Super Bugs” that we now have, much less those that are to come. So go get your shots, before you venture out to Europe again. You only have One Heart, One Mind, One Body, and when Special People like you come along, we would hate to lose you just because of a common thing like the Flu. Hope you are better now, and that all is well. Have a great Day. One Love, Robert Mullings

    • I hear you. Not a fan of flu shots, but I do take other preventative measures! All better now. Thanks!

  • So sorry to hear your last trip to Barcelona was a bust due to your sickness! Great post about what you would rediscover in the wonderful Spanish city! Thanks for your entry, best of luck!

    • Thanks Allison! Despite getting sick, I still tried to make the most of the experience. Fingers crossed that I’ll get to have the do over with you guys next year! :-)

  • Great post and I love your list (my post is about Barcelona too). Sounds as though you would have a brilliant time :-)

    • Thanks! It was hard to pick a city, because I’d gladly go to them all, but Barca needs a do over for sure!

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