I Want to Go With Oh to Florence

December 11, 2012

HTP, Italy

OK so I know I just posted about Going with Oh to Barcelona and that’s still true; I REALLY need a Barca do over. But because the prize is a full month in Europe and there are 10 fabulous cities to choose from, I had to enter another…

So let me tell you why I also want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Florence

I want to go with oh to Florence: Delusional Divas doing Italians book coverA few months ago I connected with one part of the travel writing duo responsible for the book, The Delusional Divas Doing Italians…ooops Italy.  These ladies ditched everything in search of love and adventure in beautiful Firenze.

I hesitated to dig into their book as I’m not usually a fan of travel memoirs, but after a few pages I was hooked. The more I read about these best friend’s mis-adventures, the more I thought about similarly wacky adventures of my proposed travel buddy, Neera. No, we won’t be heading to Italy looking to rekindle long lost love, but a bit of people watching over a nice chianti never hurt anybody, right?

The Delusional Divas, Shelby and Dena, conveniently organized their book to include contact information and addresses to the sites mentioned during their multiple trips to Florence making it easy for Neera and I to relive (or avoid) their delusional highlights.

i want to Go with Oh to florence: Rio de Janeiro NYE Reveillon 2011

Neera and I in Rio having dinner before the Reveillon festivities began.

 But that’s not all…

Of course I’d still have my cupcake fix, maybe at Mama’s Bakery, scope out the reggae scene, which is apparently big in Italy and reconnect with Paolo.

Neera and I first met Paolo in Rio de Janiero in 2011. We ushered in the new year on the beaches of Copacabana with our new Italian friend via Couchsurfing. Several months later I was invited to speak at the Conference on Social Media and Tourism in Verona. Paolo didn’t hesitate in making arrangements to meet me there.  He promptly scooped me up from the airport and took me out for my first Italian meal, PIZZA!! That week, we had a blast touring Soave, one of the wine regions in that area and meeting up for dinner, drinks and conversation with the Soave Couchsurfing crew. It’s been over a year and Neera and I could definitely use a Paolo fix. It’s guaranteed to be full of laughs, great food and an over all amazing time!

I want to Go with Oh to Florence: Paolo and I NYE in Rio

Paolo and I NYE in Rio

Fingers crossed Neera and I get to Go with Oh to Florence and 3 more European cities this spring!

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  2. Stephanie Jones Says:

    Do not know how, but I never saw this. Great post. Thank you so much, April.


  3. Allison GoWithOh Says:

    Florence is definitely a hot-spot for adventure and fun! Great post about the Italian gem of city, thanks for your entry April!



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