A Week in Catalonia

It’s only been about 2 weeks, but I can already feel the symptoms of TDD (Travel Deficit Disorder) already starting to creep in. I’m working hard at keeping my dromomania at bay, but I miss my friends, warm weather and life in Jamaica. I’m making time to catch up with people, do work and explore new places in Atlanta, but all that’s really on my mind is my next flight out. Thankfully it’s today!

*cue happy dance*

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This Saturday I’ll be heading back to Hartsfield-Jackson en route to Barcelona. From there I’ll be joining a group of travel bloggers for a week of food, culture and fun in the beautiful Catalonia region of Spain, courtesy of Charming Villas Catalonia. Charming Villas provides rentals of high quality vacation homes and villas in the region, hand picked by the founder, Sara Marti and her partner, Richard Calvin.

charming villas catalonia

Where we’ll be staying in Catalonia

We’ll be staying in the province of Girona (northeastern Catalonia),stating first in Cadaques, a tiny coastal town and former home of Salvador Dali. During the trip, we’ll be staying in a few different accommodations including Castell de Rocaberti, an 11th century castle situated in a small Catalan village 30 minutes from the French border. Yes, I said castle! If this 15 bedroom and 13 bathroom abode was good enough enough for kings, queens and other aristocracy then it works for me. You can call me Empress Absolute Travel Addict from now on. ;-)

Castell Rocaberti


Dining in Catalonia

Not only are we staying in some pretty freaking fabulous digs, but the itinerary is all sorts of awesome too! I swear if I don’t come back at least 5 pounds heavier from all of the great meals we’ll be having, something is really wrong with the world!

Here’s a list of the restaurants and private chefs we will be dining with:

Lee Pennington | La Calendula | El Celler de Can Roca | Compartir

Jordi Castello | La Barretina d’OrfesCellar Martin Faixo | MOS

Things to do in Catalonia

Aaaannnndddd, on top of the that, we’ll be adding in some pretty cool activities like a hot air balloon ride, wind tunnel experience, sailing and more.

A little four wheeling (quads) with Fang Aventura.

But wait, there’s more…

As if it couldn’t get any better, I’ll be spending my last day in Barcelona. I know it’s waaaay too short, but I’ll get a chance to get started on my Barcelona ‘Do Over’ and I’ll be meeting with a ATA reader and fellow travel blogger of Little Foot’s Journey!

XCom Global International Wifi

Once again I’ll have my mi-fi device from XCOM Global to keep me connected on the road so you won’t miss a thing. Follow me on Twitter (@AbsoluteADT) or Facebook (Absolute Travel Addict).

Want to know who else is going? Check out this Facebook interest list here and Twitter list here. You can follow our journey via our specific pages or by using the hash tags #VisitCatalonia #CostaBrava and #Cadaques.

I think this should cure my TDD…for a little while at least.

Check you guys later. (Still doing a #happydance!!)

happy dance

Ever been to or want to go to the Catalonia region of Spain? Have I piqued your interest?

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  • Nailah says...

    April! Have a wonderful journey girl. Its been a little while since I checked in, but so glad to see your still en route to the next adventure. Looking forward to reading about your Spain trip.

  • Monique says...

    I expect that happy dance to turn into flamenco by the time this is all over. ;-) Have a great time!

    • Hehe. I keep thinking about it. Maybe I can get someone to show me a move or two!

  • LadyLittlefoot says...

    I was just checking my calendar for all the upcoming fun and then saw your post.
    I am loving your happy dance! :-)

    I’m excited to meet you and am scoping out a good place for Vermut on Sunday.


  • Miret says...

    Can’t wait to fly to BCN tomorrow and spend the week with you and the others! :-)

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