Jamaican Culture in…

Jamaican Culture in Indonesia

Jamaica born travel writer and filmmaker, Diana Ogilvie, in Jakarta, Indonesia. http://love2travelwritefilm.com/

Likkle but Tallawah

For such a small country, the impact of Jamaica can be seen, felt, tasted and heard in almost every corner of the globe. Who can’t sing along to at least one Bob Marley song or recognize the black, green and gold flag? And after this summer’s Olympics in London, Usain Bolt and his ‘to di worl’ pose will never be forgotten.

As a Jamaica-holic who travels all over the world, I’m excited to share this new series featuring glimpses of Jamaican culture from my (and your) travels around the world.

Have a photo and/or short story displaying Jamaican culture abroad? Send them my way to be featured here! E-mail your high res photos with descriptions to info [at] absolutetraveladdict [dot] com, with the subject “Jamaican Culture In.”

Jamaican Culture in…

Atlanta, USA

London, UK 

New York, USA

  • (soon come)

Similarly, stay tuned for “Jamaicans in the World” , a travel and adventure documentary, written by ASHFIRE STUDIOS LLC and directed by Omari Pili that explores the life of typical Jamaican families living in not so typical parts of the world. The 30 episode television program is set to be released in 2013.

Jamaicans in the World Travel Documentary

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