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Los Angeles Passport Party Project

January 14, 2012


The Passport Party Project kicked off its 10 city tour in Los Angeles, California on the re-scheduled Passport Day in the USA (September 17th, 2011) and will continue giving girls a world view throughout 2012 and beyond.     Learn more about the Passport Party Project.

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The Passport Party Project: Giving Girls a World View

June 27, 2011


Camera in hand, ready to catch my response, a couchsurfer handed me a dry erase board and marker and asked me what I was thankful for at that moment.  Sitting on beautiful Leblon beach enjoying the cool sand between my toes, crystal blue water and soft ocean breeze, I,without hesitation, wrote the first thing that […]

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Passport Day in the USA — April 9th, 2011

April 7, 2011


Passport Day is back again! On April 9th, 2001, the US Department of State is hosting its 3rd annual Passport Day.  Passport agencies and several post offices around the US will be open and offering appointment free services to help you apply for or renew your passport!  To find a participating facility near you, visit the Passport […]

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Got Passport?

February 7, 2011


If you haven’t heard the statistics, let me educate you: Only 30% of US Citizens hold valid passports, compared to 60% in Canada and 75% in the UK.  The US numbers have been on the rise, but it’s just not enough. I personally find it a little disheartening that 42% of Americans have a smart phone, […]

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Preparing Your Escape to Brazil

December 20, 2010


After almost a year of talking about it, I’m finally going to be about it!  I’ve been slowly working my way through South America and excited to making my first stop in Brazil in Rio for New Years!  With all of the excitement and preparation for World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 combined […]

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