The Passport Party Project: Giving Girls a World View

Camera in hand, ready to catch my response, a couchsurfer handed me a dry erase board and marker and asked me what I was thankful for at that moment.  Sitting on beautiful Leblon beach enjoying the cool sand between my toes, crystal blue water and soft ocean breeze, I,without hesitation, wrote the first thing that came to mind — my passport.

My very first passport was a gift of the United States Air Force. In exchange for my dad’s service, my family spent 3 of my younger years in the Philippines.  Though I was just a kid, these three years were the start of the wanderlust that I can’t shake today!  That little document has taken me to some of the most amazing places, helped me learn more about myself, increased my confidence and introduced me to new life long friends.

NYE Rio de Janeiro 2011

The more I traveled, the more I wanted to share my photos, videos and stories with the hope of encouraging others to explore the world around them, eat new foods, experience new things and meet new friends; and it all starts with getting your passport.

Dinner in Bogota Colombia 2010 with new Colombian and French friends!

In June 2011, Tracey Friley of One Brown Girl and OBG Adventure Camps, took this challenge to heart and founded the Passport Party Project with a goal of gifting 100 US passports to tween girls across the US.  The inaugural Passport Party in San Francisco was a success and I was happy to contribute the funds to cover a passport and photos for one lucky participant.  Up next is the Los Angeles Passport Party and again I am very happy to support the cause with another passport and photo for a Los Angeles participant and will continue to offer my time and support in this endeavor.

OBG San Francisco Passport Party, June 4, 2011

Want to help give girls a world view? Of course you do!

The Passport Party Project would be honored to accept your gift of a passport (or contribution towards a passport) in its quest to gift 100 girls with their first passports within the next 18 months.  Are you a travel and lifestyle blogger interested in spreading the word?  Let the Passport Party Project know! All support is appreciated!


  • The Duo Dishes says...

    You guys are doing a great thing. It’s wonderful to see what Tracey, you and the other travel bloggers are doing to provide opportunity. Much success!

    • April Thompson says...

      Thanks! To whom much is given, much is required. I’ve/We’ve been given SOOOO very much, it’s the very least I/we can do.

  • Tracey says...

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your first passport photo. Absolutely darling. But that’s no surprise, because you’re STILL darling and SO supportive, April, that I don’t know how to even thank you. From the bottom of my heart, merci…danke…gracias…THANK YOU for your continued support. =D

    • April Thompson says...

      You are so very welcome. It’s so very easy to pitch in and do what I can for something so fulfilling that I believe in!

  • MzFreelancer says...

    This is such a fab idea. I’ll help when I can, maybe I can help some people in Chicago once I get settled.

    • April Thompson says...

      Isn’t it? Would love to have you help. Until then, enjoy your trip and keep the posts coming!

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