How to Travel the World Without Quitting Your Job

Contest closed! New contest here!

how to travel the world, travel dreams

In one of my most read posts, How I Make This Travel Thing Work, I list the top three factors that I attribute to being able to travel the world: desire, time and money. You could easily simplify that list to just desire and argue that if you have a strong enough passion or desire for something, you WILL find a way to make it work.

I understand that sometimes the desire and passion is there, but you might be a little stuck or afraid of taking a chance and trying something different. Trust me it’s happened to me and I’m grateful for those gentle (and not so gentle) nudges to get me moving in the right direction.

Lots of folks have reached out to me asking for guidance on how to make travel a bigger part of their life. Most seem to think that they need to quit their job and sell everything to make it happen. Some have even proposed going back to school to make travel a possibility. I’m not saying quitting your job or going back to school is a bad thing, but it may not be necessary just to see the world.

So for those of you out there ready to make your travel dreams a reality but not sure how to get started, this one’s for you!

how to travel the world, go somewhere

On March 26th I’ll be FINALLY releasing the e-book How to Travel the World WITHOUT Quitting Your Job detailing exactly how I do what I do and how you can take similar steps to do it too!

And because I love you guys so much, each week I’ll be doing a drawing for one lucky winner to win a free copy of the e-book and other cool prizes to be announced soon!

To win all you have to do is…

  1. Be on the mailing list. (I promise no spam) Not already on it? Click here and enter your name and email address.
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me your top 3 dream destinations!

In the mean time, feel free to check out my FREE download, 5 Steps to Making Your Travel Dreams a Reality by signing up hereIt’s a quick read and great primer to the upcoming e-book!

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  • vaishali says...

    Hi, Congratulations for the book April…
    My top 3 destinations are
    Las vegas

  • jenn says...

    I traveled a lot when I was a kid; dad played international basketball. But I want to revisit Egypt, France, and Africa for the 1st time.

  • Matthew says...

    This is a real difficult task April, but since I have to pick just three, then those would be:
    Bora Bora
    The Maldives can I add two more please? Thanks and those would be The Bahamas and Jamaica.

  • Ernest Constant says...

    My top three destinations would be

  • sheela says...

    My top 3 destinations:
    1. Australia
    2. Egypt
    3. Belgium

  • Rita says...

    South Africa

  • Joanna says...

    Hi April!

    You just gave me hope!
    Here are my top 3 dream destinations:
    1. Greece
    2. Egypt
    3. South Africa

    Holding on to the dream, I believe it will happen!

  • Stephanie says...

    Hey April,

    It’s been ages since Mercer. Hope all is well!!

    I would love to go to….
    1. South Africa
    2. Italy
    3. France

  • ArmchairTraveller says...

    Run into your website while searching for reviews on the MatadorU travel writing course. I’m thinking of doing it ;-)

    Top three travel dream destinations, hmn… this is tough but here’s mine.

    1. Spain
    2. The Philippines
    3. Peru

    Thanks for the downloadable e-book by the way.


  • Opal Kestoe says...

    Paris France

    Hi April,
    Hope you having fun in Spain!

  • Jamila Wideman says...

    Hawaii, Fiji, Spain

  • Donna Ledbetter says...

    My top three destinations are:


    Thank you for running this contest. I hope I’ll get a chance to read your book.

  • Gwen Campbell says...

    Hi April; I met you back at the Meet plan go Miami event. So happy to see you’re doing well! Haven’t taken off on any significant travel quite yet (except a lot of US travel), but if I left tomorrow, I’d pick one of these:
    1) Australia (doesn’t matter where!)
    2) Dubai– has been on my bucket list forever
    3) Fiji– to test out my new scuba diving skills!

    Good luck with the book!


    • Hi Gwen! So happy to see you around these parts. No worries on your travel plans. Travel is personal. You move when you are ready and go where you want. Don’t diminish your US travel. It’s a beautiful country that we often neglect. And thank you!

  • Dawn says...

    WOW!!! This is hard. Ok, here are my choices:
    Paris, France

  • Lauren Hill says...

    1. Italy
    2. Kenya
    3. United Arab Emirates

  • Vanessa F. says...

    Monaco, Macau and Istanbul!

  • Eric (@E32crew) says...

    This is awesome, and definitely look forward to the e-book! Here are my top 3:

    1) Germany

    2) Egypt

    3) Brazil

  • Monique says...

    “How to travel the world without quitting your job” is definitely a story that needs to be told. Can’t wait to read it.

  • My Top 3 Destinations would be:

    1. Hawaii
    2. South Africa
    3. Paris, France

    Rhonda W.

  • Louis Skip Gonzalez says...

    Congrats on the book April!!!!!!

    My 3 are:

    2)Bora Bora

  • Mil says...

    This post is really amazing.

    My choices are:
    1. Paris
    2. Bora Bora
    3. India

  • Eric says...

    1. Spain
    2. Hawaii
    3. Bora Bora

  • Alouise says...

    Picking three places is hard, because there are so many places I want to see but I’ve wanted to go to Morocco, Australia, and Peru for a very long time.

  • Mary says...

    First, congratulations on the book! Narrowing it down to my top three destinations was tough, but I think I’ll have to go with Turkey, Jordan (Petra!) and Greece. :)

  • Martice Sutton says...

    Congratulations on the book!!!! So excited to check it out.

    1. Greece
    2. Ghana
    3. Chile

  • bwlivingwell says...

    ugh ONLY 3?!!? lol


    1. Croatia (for the beaches)
    2. France (south of France to be exact)
    4. Tanzania (for the beaches and safaris)

    what a great contest!!

  • Shari says...

    Hi Alll,

    My top 3 places I long to visit are:

    1. Dubai to see the worlds tallest building and ski in desert heat just to name a few of the exciting options offered by visiting.

    2. Papua New Guinea to visit Oceania & see some tribes of people that have had little influence from the outside world.

    3. Madagascar to see many species of animals and flora not found in any other parts of the world in addition to the diverse mix of population.


  • Larissa Parks says...

    Congratulations on writing your book April. I look forward to reading it. What a wonderful achievement!! My top 3 destinations are:

    1. South Africa
    2. France and Italy
    3. China

  • D says...

    Hi! My top three dream destinations are Florence, Italy, Barcelona, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can’t wait to go!

  • Sandie says...

    Can’t wait to read your book April :) Good Luck with the launch!

    My Dream Destinations are:

    1. Jamaica (which I frequent often, however, I will never get tired of visiting and will go as much as I can)

    2. Italy

    3. Africa

    • I’m with you on Jamaica! :-) Only other place I’ve been that I can keep going back to over and over is South Africa. Searchinf for more destinations like that.

  • Nikqui says...

    Randomly picking three places to visit from by travel bucket list:

    – Seychelles
    – Azores
    – Jeju Island

  • judy says...

    1. Bali

    2. Brazil

    3. Paris

  • Ikeogu Imo says...

    As of now my top 3 dream travel destinations are Cairo, Egypt; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan

  • Karen R says...

    Congratulations April, can’t wait to read the eBook.
    Picking where to go is difficult,but I’d say…
    Singapore … no Hong Kong….
    I can’t really decide, so many places I’d to see

  • Paolo says...

    Congrats April! Hopefully this book will be the first one of a long collection :-)

  • LadyLittlefoot says...

    Top Three (which is always subject to change)
    1. Iceland (Glaciers, Aurora Borealis)
    2. New Zealand (Hobbitton)
    3. Victoria Falls (Eastern Africa)

  • Vanessa Goodman says...

    1. Ghana
    2.Turks & Caicos
    3. Rome

  • Angela Myers says...

    My top 3?! Ohhhh, ahhhhh, hmmmmm. Lets try:

    1. Dubai
    2. Thailand
    3. Greece

  • Ornella says...

    For m it most definitely has to be
    1. Australia

    2. Italy

    3. South Africa

    Also you’ve been linked! Check out my weekly link love post: Hope you enjoy :D

  • Ashley says...

    Forever dream trip: hiking & hot springs in Japan
    Ultimate relaxation trip: Greek Isles
    Newest travel obsession: Thailand by train

  • Nikki Marchmon says...

    Rio De Janeiro

  • Karen Kraimer says...

    1. Greece
    2. Italy
    3. England
    4. I could go on and on!

  • My 3 favorite places to travel so far:
    1) Jamaica
    2) Jamaica
    3) Jamaica

  • I love this! I hope I win the e-book, but if I don’t win it, I’m buying it. My top 3 travel destinations:

    1- India
    2- Greece
    3- Egypt

  • MDK says...

    1. Cross-country road trip (U.S.)
    2. Italy
    3. Greece

    Picking a top 3 was hard. There are so many places I want to see and experience (Cuba, Brazil, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain and the list goes on and on and on).

    • I know MDK, soooo very hard!! I’m with you. I have a very long laundry list!

  • Brandy says...

    My top three destinations are Brazil, Japan and Western Africa. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • My top 3 dream destinations

    Madrid, Spain
    Paris, France
    Capetown, S. Africa

    **Bonus**- Rome & Florence, Italy- I’ve been to both, but would love to go back again, and again, and again.


  • Renee W. says...

    My top dream destinations are:

    Fiji Islands
    Sierra Leone

  • Jason says...

    Dream destinations…humm.

    My top 3:
    -South Africa

    ADT, how can we make my travel dreams come true?!? (Lol)

    • Why Jason, I’m glad you asked. Down load the free ebook (link above) and stay tuned for the March 26th launch. :-p

  • Felicia says...

    Top three travel destinations:
    South Africa
    Paris, France
    All 50 States

    • The 50 states is a great goal! I think a lot of people sleep on the beauty that’s right in our own back yards!

  • Aisha says...

    South Africa
    New Zealand (o God I’ll die so that I can stay :-))

    • LOL Aisha! Don’t die until AFTER you’ve enjoyed all the places on your bucket list!

  • Tawanna says...

    Good job and what a great thing for you to share your process with other people so that they might also follow their travel dreams. I’m sure a lot will be inspired and thanking you later for the insight.

  • IrieGirlTravels says...

    New Zealand
    Galápagos Islands

    • I like your handle. Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) is definitely on my list! Seems to be a country of lots of beautiful contrasts!

      • IrieGirlTravels says...

        YES, indeed. I am not looking forward to the many lizards that seem to populate the tourists pictures, but I’m so looking forward to seeing everything else.

  • Celenia says...

    In no specific order here are my top 3 dream destinations….

    1. Greece
    2. Maldives
    3. South Africa

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