How I Make This Travel Thing Work

This Fourth of July, I found myself at a roof top pool party hosted by one of my favoritest (I know it’s not a real word) people in Los Angeles, Sam.

Sitting poolside, devouring a red velvet cupcake, a girl approached me and said she knew me. I’d never seen her before, but thought maybe we met at another one of Sam’s shindigs. Or maybe in Brazil during New Year’s Eve; she had the same Brazilian flag kanga draped over her shoulders. Well turns out she recognized me from my blog. Yes, this little ole blog here. I felt all special. But, once the pleasantries were out of the way, she went in.

“How the hell do you do this? How do you make this travel thing work?”

It’s a recurring question that I keep getting from people online and offline, so I’ve decided to share a bit about how I make it do what it do…

How to travel the world: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the San Isidro bus stop heading to Tigre in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Three key tips for how to travel the world: Desire, Time and Money

1. The Desire to Travel the World

It’s not enough to just say you want to travel. You need to be specific and have the desire to really want to follow through to make it happen. It wasn’t until I declared my 30 by 30 Travel Challenge that things started to shift. It became quite clear to me that in order to travel the way I wanted, some things had to change. I didn’t know what or how, but it’s amazing how the universe will align to show you the way once you set your intentions and begin working towards it.

If travel is your desire, set a specific goal and time frame to achieve it.  Do you want to visit the homeland of your ancestors before the next family reunion, celebrate your 25th birthday in Vegas, or travel around the world for 6 months before you turn 30? Not sure or not sure where to start? Do some research. Reach out to other travelers who have done it. I’m more than happy to take your questions; contact me here.

2. Time to Travel the World

Once you have set your travel goals, you need to set your plan. A big part of your travel plan will be how to find time to travel. Many people are limited by the number of vacation days they have. There could also be time constraints based on other responsibilities like children, pets, elderly parents, mandatory meetings and associations, etc. Remember that for every “obstacle” or objection, there is a solution to help you find more time to travel. The DESIRE to follow through with said solutions has to be there to make it happen. 

I don’t have children or pets and I’m lucky enough to work from home, so that eliminated a lot of time constraints. I understand that for many, it’s not so cut and dry. You really have to get creative and find ways to achieve what you want. It may not be easy, but if you really want it, it can happen.

3. Money to Travel the World

The last part of this equation is probably the most important on everyone’s mind. How can I afford to travel? I hear it all the time.Travel isn’t cheap.” or  “I won’t be able to afford that until I’m retired.” or my favorite :Only rich people travel like that or that much.” Wrong!

The solution here is simple: cut costs or make money more money.  Again, if you have a strong enough desire for something you will find a way. I see lots of really nice cars, shoes, handbags, clothes, etc that would easily pay for a plane ticket or two of 5. Now I’m not a proponent of super frugality to the point where you are miserable and not enjoying life, but there are always ways to cut back and make travel more affordable.

I can’t give away all of my tips and secrets in one blog post. However, if you’ve got travel on the brain and need help to make it happen, sign up for updates, travel hacks and more insights on how to design a travel lifestyle that works for you…

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Stop Travel Dreaming, Start Travel Doing!

Jumpstart your globetrotting with instant access to my guide book.


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  • komal says...

    Great post, April ! Determination and a positive mindset can make such a difference.

  • Demi says...

    exactly what i tell others!

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  • IrieDiva says...

    i love this… i want to be a traveler too! im gonna start saving for my first big trip next year. its not as easy to do on a Jamaican budget but as u say where there’s a will…

  • Your article was great! I added your article to my list of ‘Travel Articles You Should Read” ( Have a great day!

    • Thank you for checking out my blog and including my article on your site. There are some great stories and tips for travelers!

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    Thanks again :)

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  • Ayngelina says...

    I love your perspective on this, it’s definitely something I need to work on in 2012 as I return home.

    • Thanks Ayngelina! There are so many ways to reach your travel goals. You just have to be sure not to chase after someone else’s dream or method/journey to obtain it.

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  • Nailah says...

    Great start…you got me hooked. Looking forward to more. And hopefully i can put some of these tips into action for my April escape plan.

  • Elwood says...

    Thanks for sharing. I have a laundry list of places I’d like to see with my own two eyes. I’ve never fully held myself accountable – this is kinda extracurricular. Well at least that’s been my past train of thought.. But if I want to do this I need to sit down, plan, and make it happen!

    “It’s not enough to just say you want to travel.”

  • Terri says...

    I hear you. It’s about prioritizing. I’ve had a line item in my budget for traveling as long as I could remember. I told myself in my mid-twenties that I was going to try to leave the country once per year, every year that I could, and I have done that. Travel has to be on your radar in order to make it work.

    • Exactly! It definitely has to be an active pursuit for it to be a reoccurring or significant part of one’s life.

  • Look forward to reading more of your tips. I’m often asked how we are able to travel so much, and many of my answers are the same. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to sharing as much as I can. But you are absolutely right, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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