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Jah9, New Name Artiste Talks Travel

Jah9 New Name Album Released February 2013

In Jamaica, music truly is the life force. It’s nearly impossible to visit the island and not be moved by the music, whether it’s the reggae rhythms of Bob Marley or a more rough and raucous dancehall tune. Over time, I’ve been introduced to some amazing talent including, Jazz on Dub artist, Janine “Jah9″ Cunningham. I first heard Jah9 sing on a […]

Hello from Cadaques, Spain!

Cadaques Spain

Hey travel loves! I’m here in beautiful Cadaques, Spain in an amazingl villa courtesy of Charming Villas Catalonia. The weather is a bit rainy and windy, but it’s definitely not stopping us from having loads of fun. Everyone made it in safely yesterday and we kicked off the night with a delicious dinner prepared by Chef […]

A Week in Catalonia

Happy Dance, Black and White, Little girl, Passport Party Project

It’s only been about 2 weeks, but I can already feel the symptoms of TDD (Travel Deficit Disorder) already starting to creep in. I’m working hard at keeping my dromomania at bay, but I miss my friends, warm weather and life in Jamaica. I’m making time to catch up with people, do work and explore […]

The Passport Party Project Comes to Atlanta

Atlanta Passport Party Project, Omni Hotel CNN Center Atlanta

I don’t remember getting my first passport. I was still in diapers at the time. Blowing spit bubbles, crying and chewing things to pass the time. And I don’t remember receiving my first passport stamp welcoming me and my family into Manila for a three year stay. I can’t quite pinpoint that moment when I fell […]

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