Aruba: 5 Reasons I Want to Visit This Happy Island

Aruba Travel One Happy IslandThis post is brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

The more time I spend in the Caribbean, there more I want to explore each and every Caribbean island, big and small.

Here are 5 of the many reasons I want to visit Aruba, one happy island:

1.) Culture of Aruba

Each Caribbean island, just like every other destination in the world, has it’s own distinctive vibe, culture and quirks. Aruba is no different. Once colonized by the Spanish and later seized by the Dutch, this densely populated isle (only 20 mile long and 6 mile wide) lies outside of the hurricane belt, less than 20 miles from Venezuela. Aruba’s over 100,000 inhabitants speak one of the two official languages, Dutch and Papiamento, though English, Spanish, Portuguese and many others are spoken as well. All of this diversity is sure to have made an interesting impact on the food and customs of the island.

2.) Beaches of Aruba

No visit to the Caribbean is complete (in my humble opinion) without at least a little beach time. For Aruba, I envision a good bit of lazy limin’ on Eagle beach following a yoga session with Rachel Brathen and Instagram photo shoot amongst the fofoti trees. And, if I’m really lucky, I’d get to enjoy the sunset hatching of one of the four species of sea turtle that nest in Aruba.

Aruba Travel Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach, Aruba. Photo from Aruba Tourism

3.) Aruban Food

Stoba, cala, sopa di pmpuna and more…bring on the Aruban food! There’s no shortage of options from the culinary White Modern Cuisine  or  a more low key local experience at a place like Zeerovers and tons of other international options. When I finally make it to Aruba, I’ll be sure to bring my appetite.

Aruba Travel Aruban Summer Salad from White Modern Cuisine

Aruban Summer Salad from White Modern Cuisine. Photo from White Modern Cuisine

4.) Festivals in Aruba

Festivals are one of the best ways to really to immerse yourself in an aspect of a destination’s culture. I’ve got Soul Beach Music FestAruba Food and Wine Festival and Carnival top of mind. Food, wine, great music and loads of good times are a definite by product of all of these events!

Aruba travel Aruba Carnival

Aruba Carnival! Photo from Aruba Tourism

5.) Happy Aruba Returners

The more I travel, the less my trips are about the actual destination, and more about the memories made, the people I meet along the way and how these experiences and interactions impact my life and conversely, how I am able to impact others.

I love this video of the Lindsey’s, a DC couple who has been making memories in Aruba over the last 12 years (and counting). They’re so cute! They almost make this solo travel lover want a travel companion…

Have you been to Aruba?

I hope to make some of my own memories in Aruba soon. Want to join me? Visit for Aruba travel ideas!

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