Five Destinations on My Travel Bucket List

As the saying goes, I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. This Susan Sontag quote definitely holds true for me in the last prompt of the Traveling Brown Girls Carnival.

Travel Bucket List Travel the World

Here are 5 (of many) destinations on my travel bucket list


My infatuation with India started in high school and the cute Indian guy I worked with at Winn Dixie. It quickly grew to include Indian food, Bollywood movies and more. I even took Hindi lessons at one point (though I didn’t last too long).

One of my best friends who is Indian American teases that I’m more likely to have an Indian wedding than a traditional American one. I’d love to visit India for a traditional Indian wedding and watch and learn traditional Indian dance. I’d love to be able to do this candle dance from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Devdas.



I’ve been asked tons of times, especially when traveling, if I’m of eastern African decent, specifically Ethiopian. Well as far as I know (which isn’t much), I’m not, but I wouldn’t mind visiting there, especially during Timket, one of the most important and colorful festivals in Ethiopia. Read more about Timket here.

Travel bucket list Ethiopian Timket Festival

Photo by


For nearly 2 years, I took a Cuban style salsa lessons, known as casino de rueda. Similar to square dancing, ruedas are done in a circle with a caller announcing the next move for the couples. It would amazing to practice with the creators of the dance and brush up on my Spanish!



After learning about the Cross River State in Nigeria during World Travel Market, I was sold. This region of Nigeria is the home of Calabar Carnival, known as the largest street party in Africa. Calabar runs for the entire month of December and looks like an amazing time.

The Caribbean

Ok I know this isn’t one destination, but I really would like to spend more time around the Caribbean as each island has it’s own unique personality, customs, food, etc and I want to experiences it for myself. Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Aruba, Martinique and Grenada are at the top of the list.

Lime Cay Beach Jamaica

Welcome to Lime Cay, Jamaica

What destinations are on the top of your bucket list?

Check out the rest of the carnival crews wish list over at Brown Girls Fly!

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  • Onyema Odih says...

    Great job April .Am amazed to see the Calabar carnival on your top 5. Am Nigerian and packing tours to Calabar carnival come 26th to 30th Dec . details on

  • Matthew says...

    Hey Aril you just made my day by adding Nigeria to this list and thanks to the Calabar Carnival. The carnival is really ‘Riolique’ and I will be there for a week this year. I’m in fact flying down in three days time. And don’t worry you’ll get to see the pictures….on my blog

  • KellyJ says...

    These pictures are breathtaking! I would love to get to Africa someday, Egypt being the first stop. Some European countries as well. I’ve recently crossed hawaii off of my list thanks to the military.

    • Thanks Kelly. Can’t take credit for these photos though. It’s great when you can thank someone else for covering your travel to a new destination. Be safe and enjoy the experiences!

  • […] Blog:  Absolute Travel Addict (April D. Thompson) Twitter:  @AbsoluteADT Carnival Post:  Five Destinations On My Travel Bucket List […]

  • Miret says...

    Cool list of places!

    My travel bucket list is (as ever) very Euro-obsessed. BUT I also want to go back to the Middle East where I grew up… missing the Arabian Gulf a lot!

    • I think mine would be too if I lived in the region. Everything is so close, easy and affordable to get to! I bet the Arabian Gulf is amazing! Several areas of the Middle East are on my list too!

  • As a budding filmmaker, I have an appreciation for Bollywood movies. And those dance moves…..There is so much to see in India than meets the eye!! And bc of my strong African features, including being dark skin with high cheek bones, an oval forehead, and a non-southern dialect (I’ve lived in SC all my life), I’m often mistaken for either Ethiopian or Nigerian.

  • Carol says...

    Ah, love that quote and so, so true! What country isn’t on the list, right? LOL! Enjoyed reading yours and hope you make all your dream destinations soon : )

    • I know. Very few don’t make the list. LOL Thanks Carol and I wish the same to you as well! :-) It will happen!!

  • Janice Temple says...

    Great list! Calabar Carnival is a must.

  • Oh my gosh! That salsa video is amazing! I love how the dancers utilize the entire floor. I remember going to a discoteca in the Dominican Republic and feeling totally lost on the dance floor as the locals danced salsa and merengue. I’m learning samba right now which I absolutely love. It’s so liberating! Great list of places to travel. Going to Cuba is a dream of mine!

    • I learned to bachata in Santo Domingo, DR at a random street party with one of the cute front desk works at the hotel I stayed in. He kept me from looking like completely lost. Samba sounds cool too. Haven’t tried it yet. We will make it to Cuba!!

  • Lola says...

    Yayyyyy!!! So ecstatic to see Nigeria on your list (and Cross River too). My paternal grandmother was from Calabar so we grew up with a bit of her culture too. I’ve only been to Bermuda in the Caribbean and would love to explore more islands!

    • Very cool! I also blame my Nigerian friends who fill me with good food, introduced me to Nollywood movies and share stories of their childhood. You must put Jamaica on the list!

  • Chelle Roberts says...

    Hey April!

    You have a great list. I love that each place highlights a very different but equally beautiful brown culture — and all for good reason — festivals, weddings and dance. Sounds like you’ll have an amazing time. Don’t be mad if you unpack your suitcase and find me stowing away in there. LOL!

    • LOL. Wouldn’t be mad at all. What can I say? Brown is beautiful…and enchanting and welcoming and a part of why I travel.

  • Nice list! I was just in India a few months back and the colours, oh the colours! So vibrant, and the culture is so vibrant as well. Sorry to have missed you in Spain, but maybe we can meet up in Cuba? ;-)

    • Cuba would be nice! I’m always so tempted as I’m sooooooo close while in Jamaica. We’ll catch up again soon!

  • Aliah says...

    I heart your list! Who doesn’t want to see more of the Caribbean and I am swooning over Devdas video. I cannot wait to visit India–waiting on my best friend to take me with her next time she goes to visit family!

    • Same here on India! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Devdas. Thank God people can’t see my pathetic attempt at the candle dance. LOL

  • meandmypassport says...

    St. Lucia is absolutely breathtaking! So lush and green. I’ve also been to Cuba, which I loved. Great list! I’d like to go to Nigeria as well.

  • Tawanna says...

    The colors in the Ethiopia and Nigeria photos are so vibrant – gosh! You got me wanting to go now. I’ve done Cuba, but unfortunately the American side so I didn’t get to see much of the true Cuban culture. I want to go back. Ok, so you know you totally cheated by saying the whole Caribbean, right? LOL! But yeah, honestly, how can we wanderlusters limit ourselves to just 5???

    • Aren’t they! I’m a sucker for vibrant colors, great food, warm temps and beautiful beaches. yeah it’s impossible to name JUST 5!

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  • Monique says...

    What an exotically, diverse list and Calabar looks like a party not to be missed. I hope you get to all the places on your wanderlust list. “Enjoy the journey”

  • Lynda says...

    Love reading the lists – great to see Nigeria on one! Ethiopia is on my wishlist too.

    • I’ve only been to South Africa to date and there is sooo much more of the continent I want to explore!!

  • LIly says...

    Wonderful list, April, and many of those are on mine too! The Caribbean is my real home away from home, and Ethiopia during Timket is my one dream as a travel photographer (I haven’t been back since becoming one). Looking forward to seeing where the year takes you.

  • OneBrownGirl says...

    Thanks for being a part of the Carnival, April! =)
    Funny thing about cute guys and how they compel us to want to travel, eh? *cracking up*
    I had no idea that Nigeria had such a beautiful Rio-esque Carnival. Nice.
    Soooo many people I know get asked by Ethiopians if they’re Ethiopians (me too, actually) which reiterates what I tell the American girls at all of The Passport Party Project events: “You are exotic. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t. Everywhere I have traveled, I have seen someone that looks like you, me, my friends, etc. And it’s beautiful.”
    Safe travels, amiga. See you soon. =)

    • You’re welcome! And absolutely right. No matter where you go “we” are there!!

  • InsideJourneys says...

    Great list, April!
    India, Ethiopia and Nigeria are on my list. I’m dreaming about going back to Cuba, this time to Santiago where some of my family went.
    Hope you get to cross off all these places from your list soon.

    • Thanks! Me too! I know we’ll both get it done!

      • Shraddha says...

        Hi April! :) It’s so amazing to see someone from a totally alien culture to me, go on about Devdas just like you’re one of us! :D You sound like such a pro! Coincidentally, that happens to be one of my favourite movies as well!

        Happened to come across your blog and then this post about Devdas. Couldn’t help but say ‘hi’. Your story totally inspires me to give way to my ‘travel bug’ and do something about it! Lots of love!

        • Hi Shraddha,

          Thanks for the kind words. I really do enjoy so much about your culture and many others and happy that my story inspires you. Oh btw, did you check out the new Miss America, Miss Nina Davuluri? Was so geeked watching her on stage and performing her traditional Bollywood dance for her talent!

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