My First Calçotada: How to Eat Calçots

April 30, 2013

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Our final day in Catalonia, we found ourselves at this beautifully restored farmhouse about 25 minutes outside of Girona. Despite not being able to take our morning hot hair balloon ride (due to weather), everyone was excited for the calçotada and learning how to eat calçots the Catalonian way. We abandoned the cozy warmth of the house and Wi-Fi to gather around the pool house for an afternoon of food and fun.

How to eat calcots Luxury accomodations in Catalonia Spain

The site of our Calçotada at Sant Ferriol luxury villa.

Preparing the calçots

They look like scallions, a requisite aromatic I find myself chopping and adding to everything I cook in both Jamaica and the US. But instead of breaking out the chopping board, calçots are strung together and cooked whole to retain the flavor and make the experience tons more fun.

how to eat calçots ready for the calçotada

Fresh Catalonian calçots ready for the calçotada.

They were cooked outside on an open first.  Because they were strung together on the wire, it made it a lot easier to turn and get on and off the grill. Smart idea!

My First Calçotada How to Eat Calçots

Calçots roasting on an open fire. Wait…that’s not how the song goes.

Et voilà!

My First Calçotada How to Eat Catalonian Calçots

Yummmy, finished calçots…time to eat!

When it comes time to eat your finished calçots, you can’t be afraid to get a little dirty. I’ve seen vidoes of peole daintily peeling the charred layers off and even cutting, with knife and fork. No way! Here’s the REAL way to do it:

How to eat Calçots

We kept it traditional and followed up our calçots with sausages, bread and of course lots of cava and wine — a perfect Saturday afternoon!

Have you ever been to a calçotada or had calçots in Catalonia?

Disclaimer: Charming Villas Catalonia hosted me and 8 other bloggers for a week around the Catalonia region of Spain, however all opinions are my own.

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3 Responses to “My First Calçotada: How to Eat Calçots”

  1. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans Says:

    Mmmm…I imagine that these are good with sausage and wine. What a great combo!


  2. April @ Says:

    Tons of ways to eat them, but this one is the most fun. Pronunciation is here:çots/

    I was soooo saying it wrong. Whoops. LOL


  3. Stephanie Jones Says:

    Always happy to read about something new. Cute video, and never would have guessed how to eat them. Now, here’s my question….how is the word CALCOT pronounced?


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