30 by 30 Travel Challenge Update

Let me start by saying that 2011 has been an AMAZING year in travel and here are just a few reasons why…

NYE 2011 in Rio de Janeiro on Capacabana Beach



2012 will be here before you know it and I’m excited for all of the things lined up for the rest of this year and many more things to come.  I hope to see/meet you along the way…

I still have a long way to meet my 30 by 30 goal, but like I mentioned before, it really isn’t so much about the number, but making a lifestyle change to incorporate the things that I’m passionate about and enjoying doing and encouraging others to do the same.  Never in a million years, would I have imagined that I could make these types of changes in my life and be afforded so many great opportunities.  I’m truly blessed, thankful and appreciative of it all!

Where have you visited or plan to visit this year?

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  • […] resolutions per se, but I am regularly thinking about new goals and making new life commitments. This past year was full of  a lot of new experiences, people, places and opportunity. I am tremendously grateful for all that has transpired and looking forward to epitomizing the […]

  • Monique says...

    You go girl!!!

    • April Thompson says...

      That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, go, go GO! :-) Thanks Monique!

  • Wow! What a fantastic year of travel for you!! So you’re going to TBEX in Prague this year?! Wow, I might just join you!!

  • OneBrownGirl says...

    Busy year indeed! Keep. going. (And thank you for your continued support! From the bottom of my heart!)

    • April Thompson says...

      Too much to get done to stop now! Thanks for the push and you are very welcome!

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