Reggae SumFest 2011 Brings the Fiya!

Welcome to Reggae Sumfest… 3 nights of great music, amazing food, cultural connections and partying that doesn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I first attended SumFest in 2010 for International Night 2 and vowed to return. Fast forward 11 months and 3 weeks and I was boarding a flight back to Jamaica for Reggae SumFest 2011; well rested and ready for some fun. And fun it was! Here’s a small taste of what made Sumfest 2011 so great…

I made a new friend

“E” who was also staying at the Half Moon, Jamaica, came down for SumFest and was a part of the road trip to Negril. Fun times indeed!  Aren’t we awesome?

Me and E departing the Half Moon, Jamaica for Reggae Sumfest 2011 Dancehall Night


Mya is alive and well

She performed a couple of duets on the SumFest stage and sounded and looked amazing! Sure would love another Mya album; maybe it’s in the works!?!

Mya performing at Reggae Sumfest 2011


I-Octane brought the fiya….literally

Jamaica loves I-Octane and the crowd at Sumfest showed him just how much they love him with their cheers, lighters in the air and starting a huge fires.  These fans were definitely feeling the vibes.

Sumfest fire starters as I-Octane comes to the stage.

Japan vs. Sweden

Two dance crews, one from Stockholm and the other from Okinawa, battled it out in the Trudy TruDiva dance contest. Both groups represented, but the Japanese crew took the crown. I so wish I had video of this, but this photo will have to do… Check out video of the semi-finalists here.

Trudy TruDiva Dance Contest at Reggae Sumfest 2011


Christopher Martin has abs of steel

Last year’s stand out for me was Christoher Martin, winner of Digicel’s 2005 Rising Stars competition and my future boo (he just doesn’t know it yet). Don’t we look cute together?

Me and Christopher Martin at the SumFest press conference

I loved his performance this year as well, especially the shirtless parts where he covered snippets of R. Kelly songs as well as his own ;-). <3

Christopher Martin performing at Sumfest 2011


No one really missed R. Kelly

OK, maybe some did. And I’ll admit I did too (just a little), but in Cocoa Tea’s awesome “replacement” performance, the crowd gave a resounding “NO!” when he posed the question “Do you miss R Kelly?”  Hope your throat gets better Kells.. :-/

Cocoa Tea performing at Reggae Sumfest


Protoje rocks my world

Where has this man been all of my life? I seriously think I just might be in love with this Rasta man! I dare you to not enjoy his music.  Go ahead, download it for FREE and tell me you don’t like it.

Protoje Diggy doing his ting at Sumfest 2011


Nicki Minaj has a potty mouth

That’s nothing new, but Ms. Minaj was warned to watch the language during her performance yet she disregarded (Sumfest policy, there are innocent, impressionable children out there 8-|).   She plead guilty and paid a not-so-hefty $1,000 JA  (~$12US) fine.

Nicki Minaj


The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth

Reggae Sumfest is the greatest reggae show on earth. Well, technically it’s the only reggae show I’ve really been to, but none-the-less, I don’t think there is another one out there that can quite compare to the SumFest experience. (If there is, please let me know).  As usual, I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to go again next year for the 20th Reggae Sumfest and Jamaica’s 50th Independence Celebration! who’s joining me?

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  • Maribeth says...

    I’m going to SumFest this year and I’m super excited! Great posts! What time to the headliners come on and what time do they go until? I’m attending Dancehall night… do they actually start at 7pm? My flight lands in MoBay at 6:15 pm… so I pretty much have to head straight there I guess lol

    • I wouldn’t recommend going that early. Dancehall night is the longest night. It will go on til the sun comes up the next morning (6am and later). They start around that time, but the major acts don’t go on til much later.

  • andrea says...

    when do tickets go on sale?? Is this the 20th anniversary for sumfest?

    • It will be a while before they go on sale. I will update all who have subscribed with details once they do, so stay tuned!

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  • Lloyd says...

    I just discovered your blog…and loving your posts about Jamaica (well I live there so my opinions might be skewed)
    Anyway, just a little correction, next year Jamaica will be celebrating 50 years of Independence, not Emancipation. Here’s a site with information

    Keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be checking back for updates…Maybe I’ll get some ideas for where to go when I start living my dream of travelling all over the world.

    • Hi Lloyd — Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy the posts. Much more on Jamaica coming soon! And please let me know if you have any travel questions, I’m happy to help in any way I can. :-)

      And thanks for pointing out my mistake. Have been keeping an eye on the site and looking forward to being in Jamaica for a good part of 2012 and all of the festivities!

  • Deidre says...

    Wow! Looks like such a fun time! I’ve only been to a couple of music festivals and none of them were as crazy as that :)

    • April Thompson says...

      Thanks for dropping in….It was lots of fun indeed. I’m new to the music festival scene, but I think I’m going to have to check out a few more in the coming year. And love the blog btw. :-)

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