2011 Conference on Social Media and Tourism

As I continue to meld my marketing expertise and addiction to travel, I’ve been on the look out for interesting travel events around the globe. This year, I’v attended the Travel and Tourism Show in Los Angeles, the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Destination Product Update in Los Angeles.  Sadly I will miss TBeX, but I have my eye on a few other events produced  by Eye for Travel and many more.  The 2011 Conference on Social Media and Tourism will be held October 21-22 in Verona, Italy.

I’m excited to announce that not only will I be attending, but also presenting as well!!!

This will be my first formal travel marketing presentations AND first time in Italy.  I’m already geeked about networking with more travel and tourism marketing professionals and especially checking out Case di Romeo, Case di Giulietta and tomb, Duomo Cathedral and everything else Verona (and other parts of Italy) have to offer.  A little voice keeps telling me that this would be a great kick off to my round the world trip now that I have enough Delta Sky Miles saved, but we’ll see…

Anyone else planning to go?


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