Fiji Dream Vacation

This post was written by guest writer: Amber Thompson

It’s that time again. Fall is here and it’s time to dust off those pretty boots and scarves and oversized sweaters. It’s time to grab that snuggie and hunker down in front of the football game with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Most importantly, it’s time for me to say goodbye to my social life as I practically hibernate during the cold months. I’ve never been one to enjoy frigid weather so the prospect of apple picking and hayrides just don’t excite me. Basically I plan on spending the next few months dreaming of warmer weather and planning my next getaway.

I’ve done my fair share of traveling this year. What was supposed to be 3 days at Mardi Gras turned into a weeklong bender, partying on Bourbon Street and consuming massive amounts of gumbo. I spent some time shopping my little heart out with my best friend in New York City for a birthday getaway. My older sister and I went to Kingston, Jamaica a few months back. I’m not exaggerating when I say that trip was 7 straight days of amazing cuisine, new adventures, and me feeling completely untroubled. And my last trip was just a few weeks ago. I went to Los Angeles to soak up some sun and enjoy Halloween in the hills. I’ve had a pretty exciting year thus far, but I really want to top all of these trips with my next destination. That’s why I’m planning my dream vacation to Fiji!

Fiji by Adam Selwood

Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji by Adam Selwood

Most people I know think of Fiji as a honeymoon destination. Even though I’m very single and not even close to tying the knot, I still want to go! They have such an interesting culture. From their religion, to dance, to fire walking, I want to experience it all.

According to Fijian legend, warriors of the island were given the gift of walking on fire without getting burned. They still perform this ritual today. Now, as much I enjoy immersing myself in foreign culture I think I would pass on trying this one. But it’s still something I’m dying to see for myself. Apparently Fijians love fire because they also partake in fire dancing. I’ve read that the skilled dancers take it a step further with fire eating, fire breathing, and body burning. Doesn’t this sound like it would be fun to experience from a safe distance away?

Aside from the culture, Fiji interests me because the opportunities for adventures are abound. According to famous scuba diver Jean-Michele Cousteau it’s the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving. I’ve never done either but this sounds like the perfect place to give it a go and put my water proof phone case to use. For those who like to live life on the edge you can even swim with sharks. This definitely sounds like one of those things I wouldn’t plan on doing until I get there and my adventure travel alter ego comes out. After all, what’s life without a rush?

Fire Dance, Fiji by Lin Padgham

Fire Dance, Fiji by Lin Padgham

Last when I think of Fiji I think of luxury. My online research has led me to some pretty awesome hotels that have anything you can ask for. From arranging private dinners on the beach to providing top notch spa experiences, these hotels seem like magical places. I crave a vacation fit for a queen and can’t wait to experience Fiji.

Is Fiji on your bucket list?

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