The Mississippi Gulf Coast

sunrise on the mississippi gulf coast

Sunrise on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Photo by

Growing up in the south, I didn’t really appreciate what the region had to offer for vacation. Instead, I opted to head for more popular domestic and international locales. One thing I learned from years of traveling is that some of the best destinations are the lesser-known places that you typically wouldn’t expect. With that in mind, I decided to spend more time exploring destinations closer to my own back yard.

Since then I’ve gotten reacquainted with my home state of GA, but also have my eyes set on other areas including Mississippi. At first, Mississippi may seem like an unlikely destination for vacation. Upon further consideration, you quickly realize that The Magnolia State offers a wide variety of vacation opportunities for outdoor and nature lovers, and those looking for a little night life.

One draw of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is its 62 miles of picturesque shoreline that any beach bum would appreciate. Whether you’re looking to relax with a good book or sunbathe and let the white sand run through your toes or add a little adventure jet skiing or parasailing, the gulf has you covered. Hiking and bird watching more of your thing?  You can head over (by ferry only) to Barrier Island located 12 miles south of the main beaches.

The highlight of a Gulf Coast vacation for most people is the food and nightlife. I live for trying local cuisine and I was blown away after learning what Mississippi has to offer. The region was settled by French, Spanish, Croatian, and Vietnamese fishing families. This blend of cultures has left them with a very distinct cuisine that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. What will come as a surprise to most is that there are over 10 casinos that rival those of Las Vegas in every aspect. What makes them even better, is that most of them are right on the beach. Just imagine, a beach bonfire followed by Vegas style shows, bar hopping, and gambling. Sounds like an unforgettable experience to me!

You never know what adventures you might find near you, so it pays to do a little research. I can’t wait to explore more of the south and have my first Mississippi beach vacation.

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