First International Trip Report: Rogers takes on Seville, Spain

Map of SpainI try my best to respond to all of the e-mails and messages I receive from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from strangers and friends alike.

It means  a lot to know that the blog posts, photos, videos, tweets and conversations have been helpful to someone. While I love all of the notes of gratitude and thanks that I receive, my absolute favorites are first international trip reports!

Meet Rogers! Rogers and I met a while ago through a mutual friend in Atlanta. It wasn’t until recent years that we really began to talk travel, specifically the business of travel. Check out what he had to say about his first international trip to Spain:

“I loved going to Spain because it was my very first international trip. It was also a work/play situation which was perfect (free trip)! Being in Spain confirmed my love for travel and curiosity about different cultures. I can’t wait until my next trip!!”  

First internatinoal trip: Rogers at bull fight in Seville Spain

Catching a bullfight in Seville.

“I’m always networking and love meeting new people. Being in Spain, I was forced to get better in Spanish!”

First internatinoal Trip: Practicing Spanish with the ladies in Seville, Spain

Practicing Spanish with the ladies in Seville, Spain

“These are the promoters and club owners of club Bandelai in Seville, Spain where my client TrevisT performed.”

First internatinoal Trip: Cinematic Working with Trevis T in Seville Spain

Cinematic Working with TrevisT in Seville, Spain

“The scenery was amazing! It was nice to see architecture and structures that you can’t find in the States.”

First internatinoal Trip: Cinematic in Sevlle, Spain

Cinematic in Sevlle, Spain

Rogers is a professional videographer living in Atlanta but passport ready. You can view his videos at and e-mail to discuss your international videography and/or photography needs. Check out his documentary from this trip to Spain below:


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  • Rogers says...

    Hey April! Jubril is well-traveled as well! Y’all should connect!

    • Already have. Mentioned you and your work to him a while ago when he was on the road…

  • Jubril says...

    Really enjoyed this article. I loved the video too, performance at end was live crowd was really cool.

    • The video is all kinds of awesome as is Rogers himself and I enjoyed TrevisT’s section on the value of his passport for his business! Thanks for checking it out Jubril!

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