Somerset Falls, Portland, Jamaica

Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica Ready for the Boat Ride

Ready for the boat ride at Somerset Falls!

What’s your favorite part of Jamaica?

For many Jamaica veterans, Portland seems to stand out as a fan favorite and it’s easy to see why.

There is this rain forest like lushness  across the parish and tons of caves and coves perfect for a relaxing and peaceful getaway.

One of the most memorable parts of my visit to Portland was the visit to Somerset Falls

J and I woke up bright and early  and made the 30 minute drive north along the coast from Frenchman’s Cove Resort to Hope Bay, the small beach town where the falls are located.

We arrived around 9:30am on a Monday morning (they open daily from 9am to 5pm) and were one of the firsts to arrive. The restaurant and bar weren’t open so we made our way to the falls.

Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

To actually see all of the falls you have to take a short boat ride up Daniel’s river (included in your entry fee). You can also swim it.

Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica Boat Ride

The boat we took to see the hidden parts of the falls.

As we rounded the corner, I spotted the one of the guides. He had climbed the walls of the falls and waiting for our boat to clear before he took a graceful dive into the cold water below.

Tour guide at Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

Yeah, don’t think I could have done this one.

After the boat ride, I swam back out with a few others to enjoy more of the refreshing waters. I sprawled out on the rocks, face down, to enjoy the pulsating massage from the water on my back. We took turns jumping from the much lower rocks and enjoying the view until I was completely worn out (I really need to get in better shape for swimming).

Under the Falls Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

Where we swam and played after the boat ride.

I left with bloody knees and shins from close encounters with the rocks and was completely worn out, but it was such a fun time in such a beautiful place.  Though a lot smaller than Dunn’s and YS Falls, Somerset Falls did not disappoint and was well worth the trip.

Visit Somerset Falls

Rates: $JA 750/ $15 US
Hours: 9 am- 5pm daily

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  • Tamisha Edwards says...

    You have any package for 30 people

  • Avisha says...

    What are your package deals?

  • Randeen says...

    I would like to know the cost of 1 person even thou its 5 of us. Let me know as soon as possible.

  • Ked says...

    Hey does anyone have the contact information the this place. i am planning a vacation

  • khloe says...

    Hi can i get contact number for somerset falls asap

  • Abigale says...

    Hey, do you know if these rates still apply?

  • Shantya Dobson says...

    Hello i would like a contact number.. also a package pricing..

  • Sherie says...

    Is the rate different for tourists or can a tourist pay the 750.00jmd

  • Olivia says...

    Hello. The church I attend would like to know your package prices and so on because we are interested in visiting Somerset Falls.

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  • sheeda says...

    Can I have a number so I can contact them please?

  • RasMiquel says...

    I love Portland. My family is from there.

  • antoneedo says...

    Went there last week. Was absolutely beautiful and totally worth the drive. The journey there is half the fun. The staff is great and it is a bargain for the amount of fun you can have there.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! It is definitely an affordable attraction definitely worth the journey!

  • Melody Winnig says...

    As April shared, the falls are exquisite. The waters are clear and lovely and the walk up the falls and the boat ride are very beautiful and refreshing!

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  • Shermika says...

    We went to Jamaica, profiled it on our blog and absolutely loved it. We didn’t make it to the falls however, but these pictures are GORGEOUS! Where is Portland? Also, what plug-in did you use to show your pics? I’ve been looking for a good one for some time.

    • Will have to check out your profile on JA. Living here at the moment. Portland is the parish on the northeast. It’s beautiful out there. Very lush, amazing beaches. You have to go on your next trip.

    • The plugin is from Picasa. I use it to manage some photos.

  • Gail Rogers says...

    Is the river behind you real or just man-made? I’m amazed that the water is very clear and it’s really blue. The water falls inside the cave is pretty awesome as well. Oh I’m so envious of you having to experience all that.

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