Sam Visits Jamaica: Conquering Dunn’s River Falls

When friend’s got word of Sam’s first trip to Jamaica, they insisted he make a stop to climb Dunn’s River Falls.

Now I know many die hard Jamaica lovers out there will dismiss Dunn’s as too “touristy” and have a list of other places they recommend including Somerset Falls, YS Falls, Reach Falls and more. I get it. My first Dunn’s River experience was with a wedding party of about 35. We held hands as we climbed up the falls and took turns, one by one, taking photos and experiencing the hidden surprises of the falls. Not exactly my preferred way to experience a day at the falls, but it’s a beautiful landmark non-the-less and can still be a lot of fun.

Not one to deprive Sam of his first Jamaican falls experience, we made a pit stop at Dunn’s on the drive down to Kingston. Here’s his experience via photos!

Arriving at Dunn's River Falls

We arrive at Dunn’s and Sam’s declines the water shoes and locker and heads straight to the falls.

Walking down to the beach at Dunn's River Falls and Park

It was such a perfect day. Hot, sunny and clear skies; perfect beach day!

On the Beach at Dunn's River Falls and Park

It was late morning that Saturday and not a lot of people around, SCORE!

Sam on Dunn's River Falls and Park

I {heart} this pic! It looks like he’s wearing really short shorts. LOL #iphoneography

Sam at the bottom of the Falls

Ok, let’s get started…

Sam at Dunn's River Falls

This is like the rebirth of some aquatic super hero…or villain.

Sam half way up Dunn's river Falls

Half Way up the falls he loses one of his slippers and decides to climb the rest of the way barefoot…

Not sure if he’s just reflecting and enjoying the view or having a moment for his long lost slipper.

Sam at Dunn's River Falls

Continuing on…almost finished….

Sam climbs Dunn's River Falls

He did it! Woo hoo!!

 Have you been to Dunn’s River Falls? How’d you like it?

Dunn’s River Falls & Park Contact Information

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, W.I.
Phone: 876-974-2857/ 5944/ 4767

Dunn’s River Falls & Park Operating Hours

Daily: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Cruise Ship Days: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Dunn’s River Falls & Park Pricing

Non-Resident Adults – US$20
Non-Resident Children (4-10 years) – US$12
Resident Adults – J$600
Resident Children (4-10 years) – J$300

Sam Visits Jamaica: 1 2 3 

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  • InsideJourneys says...

    It’s always fun to climb the falls, especially if you do it with friends. Then move on to experience some of the others.
    Love the photos.

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  • Aliona Gibson says...

    Ok, I have been to Someset and YS Falls and never really wanted to get to Dunn’s River Falls but now I have to! LOL! Great pics!

    • A lot of people who think they are too Jamaica savvy dismiss Dunn’s. And I get it. When the cruise ships come in, it’s bananas. But despite lot of people and the holding hands guided tours up, it’s a beautiful waterfall. No amount of “tourists” can take that away.

  • Megan says...

    It looks so beautiful in Jamaica. Would love to visit there.

    • It is such a beautiful place. These photos don’t do it full justice!

      • Princess says...

        Up there is better than at Hellshire.

  • Thanks! Getting better at taking decent shots. Sam actually did the editing to really make them pop.

  • Terri says...

    I’ve never been, but I love these pics.

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