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It’s giveaway time!!!

Watch the video below for instructions on how to win the Jamaica themed prize!

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Jamaica giveaway tote bag

Jamaica tote bag filled with goodies

 Jablum Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jablum Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


Walkerwood Jerk Seasoning

Walkerwood Jerk Seasoning

and more…

Contest Ends May 11, 2012 at 11:59pm EST

Good Luck!

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  • Jarrod says...

    My question is about the food! I know you have the drop on the real good meals in Jamaica. I want to know where you have had your BEST meal in the country. Was it in a resident’s kitchen or an out of the way restaurant. Also, what was it?

    • Of course Mr. Chocolate Week would ask about food. :-) This question for sure deserves it’s own video response. Gonna have to think about this one for a minute.

  • Rogers says...

    I want to know how much would it cost for me to visit Jamaica for one week? Living arrangements wise.

    • That amount varies. It depends on what kind of trip you want to have, level of comfort you are seeking and if you have a cool friend that will let you crash. Will include on video on Monday when I announce the winner!

  • ANGELA says...

    i would love to win a prize from JAMACIA

  • Sara Hill says...

    I look forward to the coffee.

    • I don’t drink coffee myself, but this stuff smells sooooo good! If you win it, you will enjoy it for sure! My mom loves it!

  • Elena V says...

    What do you think you miss the most each time you leave Jamaica?
    I myself love to travel, and each time I come back from a European country I miss having sidewalks everywhere :)

    • Another good one. I miss so much! Will add this to the video for Monday will I announce the contest winner! Good luck and thanks for entering!

      • Elena V says...

        Can’t wait to hear your response :) have a good Wednesday night!

  • Shelley says...

    Since I’m Jamaican I won’t enter and rob someone else of the opportunity to win the prize, but good luck with this! I hope you get many entries! :)

    • Thanks Shelley. Giveaway app was giving me trouble, but hopefully the next few days will be better.

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