February in Jamaica

I know January isn’t over yet and there’s still lots left to do and see, but I’ve been trying to get a head start on February plans; it will be here and gone before you know it.

Things to do in February in Jamaica

Well first February is Reggae Month, Black History Month and Bob Marley’s birth month, so already you know there will be no shortage of things do all around Jamaica. Here’s what’s on my radar:

Caribbean Yoga Conference, Montego Bay  (Feb 2-5): 

A celebration of sun, sadhana, sand, seva and sandha!

Sadly I haven’t really done any yoga since the 2011 Core Connections Yoga and Wellness and Retreat. This definitely looks like a lot of fun and I’m going to try my danderst to make part of the conference. Will be a huge help to capoeira training as well.

Jamaica Cultural Experiences


Barrington Watson Retrospective Tours, St. Thomas (thru – April 14): 

Learn the history, the inspiration, feel the art.

In association with National Gallery of Jamaica, Jamaica Cultural Enterprises is offering a series of tours on the works of Jamaican Master Painter, Barrington Watson. I’m so excited to join one of the full day tours to visit Barrington Watson’s private residence, a national heritage site over 400 years old, in St. Thomas.

Cost:  J$3,500 (approx. US$41) and Full Day Tour – J$5,000 (approx. US$59)

Contact Karen Hutchinson at 876 540 8570 or info@jaculture.com for more information to make a reservation

BARRINGTON: A RETROSPECTIVE 30s TV advert from National Gallery of Jamaica on Vimeo.

February in Jamaica: fi wi sinting jamaica festival portland jamaica

Fi Wi Sinting, Portland (Feb 19):

The 22nd staging of Fi Wi Sinting a celebration of Jamaica’s African heritage will be held  at Somerset Falls, Hope Bay, Portland from 10AM-7PM. I’m geeked for this event as it will be my first trip on this side of the island and one of my best friends will be in town to join me!

Cost: J$800, Children J$200 and Students with ID $500

Beaches, all over (anytime):

I’m sad to admit that I’ve only been to the beach a handful of times since I arrived. Such a shame I know. But I have plans to change that. I’m definitely in need of some lazy, fruity drink in hand time and will be sure to get it in. I’m also working out some more time on the South Coast. I have to make it to Lover’s Leap before I leave this trip!

Did I miss anything?

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  • Suze-Q says...

    Hello. I hope you enjoy February in JA. If you go by the FiWi Sinting, check out RasTakura. He will be at the Poetry Hut. I met him in Kingston and have actually hired him to show me around on two different occasions. I highly recomend him. He does not actually do tours, but if he has the time when you are looking for a guide, he may be able to help. I may be there again in March. https://www.facebook.com/#!/RasTakura

    I just signed up to follow you. Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Will try to find him while there! Thanks for sharing that!

  • Elise Walsh says...

    I would think that February would be a mild temperature in comparison to the humid summers. Yoga in Jamaica would be such a great experience, so far away from the every day. I really enjoy your blog, and will continue to follow you around the world.

  • Cutia says...

    I’m so excited to spend the week of Valentine’s Day in Jamaica for the second year in a row. I think I should just make it an annual tradition!

    • That’s awesome! Enjoy the time and you should definitely make it an annual tradition. Where will you be?

      • Cutia says...

        I’m staying by myself in Mo Bay from the 13th – 16th, but the plan is to go on day-long trips on the 14th and 15th. Still working on the specifics of the trips; right now I’m thinking about one trip to Kingston and another to the Black River/YS Falls/Pelican Bar/Appleton Estate. A friend is flying in on the 16th; so after picking her up from Sangster, we’re headed to Negril until the 19th. I think we’re going to use those days to just lay on the beach and explore Negril.

        • Nice! One of my good friends is coming into town the 14th- 21st. was thinking of doing south Coast during that time as well. All of those plus Lover’s Leap, Milk River and Gut River are on my to do list. Definitely hit me up when you are in Kingston if you want to grab a drink or something.

          • Cutia says...

            I plan to take the Knutsford Express into Kingston on the 14th or 15th. Will you be there both days? I’ve never been to Kingston and plan on just trudging (hopefully not aimlessly) around the city all day, so we’ll definitely be able to meet up for a drink!

        • The Knutsford is what’s up. There’s also the South Coast Express as well http://southcoast-express.com/ Same concept, different destinations. Should be, because my friend will just be arriving. Been in Kingston for a month, so if you have any questions, happy to help.

    • Suze-Q says...

      Hello. Read my post from today. If you are looking for a guide, RasTakura may be able to help. He has showed me so much that I would never have found. -Bless

  • Poppy says...

    This is interesting, I would never have associated anything Jamacan with yoga but I suppose when you think about it why not!

  • Matthew Oates says...

    I really wish I was in Jamaica now! Some great ideas for places to visit, thanks for the post April.

    • No problem Matthew. Thanks for dropping by. There is sooo much going on. I can’t even begin to scratch the surface. Anytime is a great time to visit Jamaica, but winter is on another level.

  • Shelley T says...

    April, before you leave the South Coast do try and visit Lover’s Leap and YS Falls (which is everything Dunns River Falls is not! A quiet, romantic, breath taking paradise … perhaps you can take Protoje with you when you go ::wink::wink:: LOL). I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t love both places!

    I’ll be really sad when you leave Jamaica in March! Secretly I hoped you’d settle there so that when I come to visit we could link up (selfish girl I am!). You seem like a really fun person and we seem to share a few traits: curious, adventurous, fearless. I love that! I’ve enjoyed reading your updates! As well as seeing how well you’re adapting to the environment which I certainly understand for non-locals can be daunting. Have you suffered a lot of harassment (I’m thinking people begging you for money and so on)? Or are you mostly spared from this because not many people realize you’re a tourist (until you speak perhaps?)?

    I know Jamaica has her problems, but I’m always glad to come across foreigners who enjoy the country for what it does offer. I hope once you do leave, you’ll want to return!

    • Every place has its problems, but for me the good heavily outweighs the bad in JA and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of visiting. So no worries if we don’t meet this time around, I’ll catch you the next time b/c this def won’t be the last (God willing) :-)

      Regarding the harassment. It’s never been a problem. I’m polite but firm and people usually keep it moving. Guys haven’t been an issue either. I’ve had a couple of “issues” with a few taxi drivers, but I’ve got that under control now too. I think being brown and my starter locs help. Many ask if I’m from one of the “small islands” as opposed to America, which I don’t mind either. Have been trying to get a post on this topic done for a while now.

      And thank you for the kind words. Always excited to connect with folks with a spirit of adventure and zest for life! Our paths will cross soon!

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