Club Mobay: How Jamaica Does VIP Lounges

Undeniably, the worst part of any trip, especially a visit to Jamaica, is the return home. There is absolutely nothing fun about packing dirty clothes and souvenirs, waiting in long immigration/customs lines and getting molested by the TSA. Thankfully, former Digicel CEO, David Hall, and partners have made saying goodbye to Jamaica a little easier with Club Mobay. This 10,000 square foot VIP departure lounge located in Sangter International Airport offers extras to make your wait a little more pleasant.

Sounds enticing, right? So, on my last trip to Jamaica, I decided to give Club Mobay a try…

After checking in and dropping off my overweight bag, I headed over to the Club Mobay information booth to purchase my ticket. This would normally set you back $30 for adults and $15 for kids ages 2-12 (children under 2 are free), but if you’re a Priority Pass member (which is free for American Express Platinum Card holders the fee is waived.. (Free is always good thing!)

Instead of the normal immigration line, I had access to the Club Mobay VIP line which expedited the usually long wait through immigration and security. I breezed right on by and through the terminal to the Club Mobay entrance.

Check in was quick and painless and I dropped my bags to take a quick tour, eager to find out what was in every inch of the 10,000 sq ft of space…

Well for starters, there’s tons of comfy seating arranged in gathering areas like mini living rooms, many sections with their own televisions. And let’s not forget the fully stocked bars to keep the rum and red stripes flowing. If you are in Jamaica on business or need to get a little work done, there’s a spacious business center and conference rooms available for you to reserve. They have the standard airport lounge necessities covered.

*In my best infomercial voice*

But wait there’s more

If you made a mad dash to the airport from the beach or just need to relax and unwind a little more, grab a quick shower and/or schedule a mani-pedi and massage while you wait.  Brought your little hellions…I mean angels along? There’s also the Pickney Place, a sound proof playroom for them to enjoy without disturbing other guests.

While these are all great amenities, the best part for me was what was on the walls. Each room boasts the history and rich culture that is the pride of Jamaica in plaques, photos and newspaper clippings. From sports and music greats to the natural wonders of the island, you’re completely surrounded by and reminded of what makes Jamaica great.  Along the walls of the main corridor are photographs taken by local artists of happy faces some of the iconic places around Jamaica, including Emancipation Park, the Bob Marley Museum and Hellshire beach. Find one you like and it’s yours and all proceeds are donated to local charities.

And if that isn’t enough, the fresh fruit, pastries and other complementary snacks and drinks should hold you over until time to depart. You can even order from any of the airport restaurants and have it delivered to you in the lounge. I opted for the later and finished my jerk chicken wings, rice and peas and red stripe in just enough time to make the priority boarding call for my flight.  As usual, I didn’t want to leave, but it’s definitely not a bad way to spend my last hour in Jamaica. If your travels bring you through Kingston’s Norman Manley Airport, don’t worry, you won’t be left out.  A 5,000 sq ft VIP lounge was recently opened with many of the same amenities!

On your next trip to Jamaica, will you be giving Club Mobay or Club Kingston a try?

Book now and save $5 off the cost of admission:

Club Mobay on FacebookClub Mobay on TwitterClub Kingston on Twitter | Website


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  • Cheryl says...

    We used Club MOBAY and will never travel to Jamaica without using this service. It was awesome!!Highly recommend!!!

  • Kelly says...

    This was the best ever….I will never come to Jamaica and not take advantage of Club Mo bay. It’s always myself,husband & our little one. Funny thing is she expects to have this treatment whenever we fly.

  • Winston Connor says...

    Glad to see the positive reviews as it sounds like there has been a lot of positive changes since we use Club Mobay. We go to Jamaica twice a year and tried Club Mobay a couple of times shortly after it opened, but have not use for the last couple of years as we did not think the value for us was there.

    But based on the reviews of the last year or so it looks like that may no longer be the case. When we used, we did find the room set-up to be very comfortable and the staff extremely friendly. We passed on the snacks due to the time of the day. Again this was in the first year of opening and at that time did not find the express service to work any better than regular service at security. And that may have been the time of day with we leave.

    We are returning next month and may give Club Mobay a new try.

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  • Misti Memphis says...

    This is the second review of the place I have read. Nothing but good things being said about it , so this trip I WILL be checking it out for myself.

    • Yes! Please do. You won’t be disappointed. It’s well worth the $30 and hopefully you will have a card or loyalty program to help you have the experience for free.

  • This is fab!

    • Yes! One of the few airports I’ll actually look forward to coming to next time.

      • David Hall says...

        April – I read your very kind comments – thank you so much … please send me an email the next time you are travelling as I would like to comp you. The business is open less than 6 months and thankfully it has grown from strength to strength {at the start it was scary with no customers and everyone telling us that we were insane} … but due to persons like you the demand has just gone through the roof. Thank you again – as it is words like this from {I must very attractive} seasoned travellers who make it all worthwhile. Have a great weekend {you made mine} – and all the best on your travels ! David Hall

        • Thanks for stopping by, David. You are way too kind…I love traveling and Jamaica and happy to share and promote all of the cool things I experience on the road with others!

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