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Five Destinations on My Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List Travel the World

As the saying goes, I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. This Susan Sontag quote definitely holds true for me in the last prompt of the Traveling Brown Girls Carnival. Here are 5 (of many) destinations on my travel bucket list India My infatuation with India started in high school and the cute […]

Top 5 International Travel Necessities

Prince Valley Guest House, Blue Mountains, Kingston Jamaica

Hey travel lovers! It’s time for round 4 of the Traveling Brown Girls Carnival, hosted by Monique of Mo Travels! To date we’ve gotten some great tips and tricks from all of the participating travelistas and we continue today with our top 5 travel necessities. Of course you can’t travel without proper travel documents and  it’s always […]

5 Travel Tricks & Tips for Travelistas on the Go

Travel Tips: Trinidad Carnival Queen

It’s carnival time!! The Traveling Brown Girls Carnival is back with another digital fete! Last time, participating travelistas dished on their top travel pet peeves, but this time we’re talking travel tips. As glamorous as it might seem, life on the road can sometimes be stressful, hectic and frustrating. And no matter how long you have been traveling, there’s […]

My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

What really grinds my gears: Top 5 Travel pet peeves

Travel pet peeves? We all have them. I’m a pretty laid back person and not too easily annoyed or agitated. But, when it comes to travel and the tons of people you have to interact with in the digital and analog world, there’s guaranteed to be some frustrating situations. As much as I try not […]

Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival

Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival Badge

  If you subscribe to this blog or a regular on my Facebook page, then you’ve seen the above badge before. For those who haven’t or not quite sure what it’s all about, let me explain. A blog carnival is an online event that promotes a collection of blog posts on a specific topic, whether […]

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