My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

What really grinds my gears: Top 5 Travel pet peeves

What really grinds my gears: Top 5 Travel pet peeves

Travel pet peeves? We all have them. I’m a pretty laid back person and not too easily annoyed or agitated. But, when it comes to travel and the tons of people you have to interact with in the digital and analog world, there’s guaranteed to be some frustrating situations. As much as I try not to let any of it get to me, there are some things that really grind my gears!

Here’s a look at my top 5 travel pet peeves

5. Dirty facilities – You’re sitting in the gate area waiting to board your flight. The previous passengers have already deplaned and the agent makes an announcement that they are going to start boarding as soon as the plane is cleaned. Well, 15 or 20 minutes pass and they begin boarding. I arrive in my seat to find some mystery substance caked on my seat and very visible signs of the last passenger’s lunch on my tray table. *rolls eyes* So what was that “cleaning” all about and why did MY seat get missed…again?

4. Inconsiderate Passengers — This is actually a larger and over arching pet peeve that includes so much from the rude folks who like to talk REALLY loud on their cellphone in public to those who unnecessarily yell and scream at gate agents when they miss their flight. One of my favorites, however, are those that try to infringe on my personal space on a flight. I’m little and there’s always a little extra room in my seat. Just enough for me to readjust and get comfortable enough to try to take a nap. Can you believe I’ve actually had people get mad at ME for putting down the arm rest and not allowing THEM to use MY extra space. Seriously!?!?

3. Unruly Children – Babies get fussy and cry. I understand that, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but this is for all of the wild, unruly kids (and their parents) who think it’s OK for little Susie to kick the back of my seat or Bobby to throw his toys at my head and not do anything about it. Parents, please understand that YOU are the parent and YOU are ultimately responsible for how your child behaves. This does not start once you decide to go on a trip and arrive at the airport. It’s a learned behavior that starts at home in day to day life. If you haven’t started on this path with your children yet, please don’t be offended when I ask you (and your child) to knock it off! :-)

2. Germ Spreaders – Being sick is not fun, especially when traveling. So spare us all and do everything possible not to spread your cooties to others when on the road. If you are that sick and contagious, don’t travel. If you still must be out, please, please, please practice these common courtesies: 1.) cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze 2.) Wash your hands often and 3.) Keep your germs to yourself. Please and thank you!

And last, but certainly, not least is….

1. Poor customer service  This too can encompass so many different things, but what really irks me the most is inconsistency in service. There should be no difference in how I’m greeted or serviced based on what I’m wearing or how I look. You wouldn’t believe some of the comments and attitude I’ve gotten when I’m in jeans and chucks as opposed to business casual attire. Regardless of what I’m wearing, I’m still the same person, spending the same money and expect to be treated the exact same way! Don’t you?

Honorable mentions: Travel snobs and the traveler-vs-tourist debate

So what are your travel pet peeves?

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  • Therie says...

    I never knew I had so many travel pet peeves until I read this post, but INCONSIDERATE and rude passengers can really get on my nerves. Great post, April. Thanks

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  • Daniella says...

    Hi April,

    I’m new to your blog but I have to say I love it…My pet peeves are OVERLY talkative people on flights. I’m all for making a friend but sometimes I just want to enjoy my flight in peace and quiet. Nothing is worse than a person who wants to talk the entire 4 hour flight to Jamaica :-(

    • I so know the feeling. I’m usually up and ready to talk, but sometimes I just want to sleep, read or just stare out of the window and think. I’ve been lucky lately to have seat mates that match my level of enthusiasm. Keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow is the same.

  • AngelQT says...

    Yep! I second all of these! Haha!

  • Jennifer says...

    Omg! I hate seat kickers and when adults do it (because they do it too), I want to lop off their foot! Lol!

    • Yup, adults can be worse at time. Kicking, bare feet on your arm rest. The sad part is they SHOULD know better!

  • Places to visit says...

    Great list, one of mine is when people sit in your designated seat when they board the flight before you knowing full well that it is not theirs, then act all frustrated when you ask them to move.

  • Tatiana says...

    Ok, you and I are on the exact same wavelength! I agree with everything you said 3000 percent. I once had a teacher who only had one classroom rule: be considerate. Everything you’ve said falls under that category–being considerate to your customers, fellow passengers, etc. GREAT post!

    • Exactly! That is all is boils down to, RESPECT of people and their space. Unfortunately not everyone grows up with the same values, hygiene habits and cultural norms.

  • Terri says...

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has issues with Li’ Susie. I felt horrible on one flight that I was sick. I was dousing myself with hand sanitizer. I felt so bad for my seat mates. :(

    • Yeah I feel the worst too when I’m sick. I usually cover up and try to just sleep and avoid passing on any germs. And most def the hand sanitizer is on deck!

  • ladylittlefoot says...

    I so feel you on the space thing. I too am a small person and I love putting on my travel socks and curling up in MY SEAT that I PAID for. Don’t look at me crazy, when I put the arm rest down and I gently put your jacket/blanket/shirt/etc back into your space.

    And the children. I love children but not when they are kicking the back of my seat and the parent gets annoyed when I ask them to stop. Ma’am/Sir either you tell them to or I will.

  • Roxanne says...

    Ugh… people who don’t cover their mouth when coughing, sneezing, wherever. And how could I forget about the unruly kids! You’re so right… you can’t start disciplining on the plane; that starts in the home, lol!

    • Yeah, you would think that covering your mouth is easy enough. I’m so tempted sometimes to wear those face masks when I travel and some places I go out in public.

  • Wifey says...

    Can I ditto your entire list?! LOL! And I feel you on the unruly children. I have two kids at home that throw toys at my head – I don’t need someone else’s to! LOL! Just kidding. Sort of.

    Winks & Smiles,

    • Why yes, yes you can. LOL Two sets of projectiles flying at your head = more than enough! :-)

  • Julia says...

    It seems that bad travel behavior is getting worse. And yes it is my arm rest.

    • Yeah it seems like it really is. It can all be solved simply if everyone just respected each other’s space and treated each other the way they want to be treated.

  • Monique @ Mo Travels says...

    I’m with you on all of these. And those loud cell phone users get on my last nerve.

    • Yes! No one wanted to hear about their business meeting or awesome vacation or insane night that they are probably over exaggerating about anyway.

  • Carol says...

    All of the above! Yes! The kids one is tricky because sometimes parents are trying to control the kids, but the passenger who is being annoyed doesn’t always feel like that parent is trying hard enough – sometimes you can tell, sometimes not so much.

    • Very true! I salute parents who travel with kids because I know it’s not easy. However, there are those times when and people who just let it all go waaaaaayyyy too far.

  • OneBrownGirl says...

    I agree 100%! And your honorable mention struck a cord with me. I call travel snobs “The Entitled Traveler” and they. make. me. nauseous. Did I ever tell you that I got light applause for telling a woman in Business Class that the overhead bin space is NOT RESERVED when she tried to make a fuss about my bag being over what she thought was HER space? Yeah. Well. Now she knows. LOL

    • Yeah the honorable mentions could full posts themselves. Yeah those bin hogs kill me. It’s so funny to watch them get frustrated and try to move other people’s things or tattle to the flight attendants. Glad you let her know the deal! LOL

  • Jewel says...

    I’m right there with you, on ALL of these!

  • I agree with all of yours, I went in on passengers :) Surprised I forgot parents that let their kids do anything and everything.

    • As I started writing, there were soo many more things that came to mind. Couldn’t forget the kids though! Going to check out yours and everyone else’s over the next few days!

  • martice says...

    YESSSS!!!! to unruly children! I was recently at the airport and a little girl kept flipping on the chair next to me with a mother that just looked away….MAAM! Get your child lol. Tell me what you think of my travel pet peeves in a travel buddy

    • I wonder what goes through these parent’s heads when they just sit and ignore what their kids are doing.

  • I agree on ALL of your pet peeves… especially the one regarding unruly kids. My husband and I work hard to keep our kids happy {and quiet} during a flight. I can completely understand how parents who don’t mind their kids can be a pet peeve. Looking forward to this carnival and reading more submissions! YAY!

    • I salute parents like you and your husband! Never expecting or asking for complete silence from kids because quite frankly adults can be just as bad. A little effort goes a long way!

  • Michaela says...

    Thanks for flashing the light on bad travel behavior! Isn’t it good to get it all out, especially among folks who have actually gone through the same things?

    The travel industry should take note because I’m sure that you are not the only person with these travel pet peeves. I’ve experienced every last one of them except for the dirty plane facilities. *Knocking on wood*

    • Yeah, I hope you don’t have to experience that either. I’m just surprised at how many times it has happened and still puzzled as to what some of that stuff actually is!

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