Want a Free Passport?

free passport passport a month.jpgI’m no Oprah.

I’m not passing out free cars or giving away all expenses paid vacations. I haven’t built a school for girls in Africa or started my own TV network. And I certainly don’t have her bank account…yet!

BUT, despite the differences between me and Ms. O, there is one thing we do have in common:

A commitment to helping you live your best life!

Although we approach the task in different ways, the end goal still remains the same. Whether it’s coaching you towards your first extended international stay, getting your tourism business more clients, or just offering tips, reviews and insights from my travels, I’ve got you covered.

And now I’m adding free passports.

Introducing the Passport-A-Month Initiative

Just like the name suggests, I’ll be giving away 1 passport  (or more) each month to a college or high school student, age 16 and older. It’s one small gesture that has the potential to make a huge impact.

Is that you? To enter, complete the application form here: http://absolutetraveladdict.com/passport-a-month-application/

The monthly winner will be announced around the 28th of each month to collect your prize.

Know someone who qualifies? Share this post with a friend or family member, church or community group.

Want to learn more and how else you can help? Check out the Passport-A-Month page here!

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  • Nicole says...

    Great program! I just shared it with my little cousin who is trying to get to China for a student program from Detroit. Thanks!

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