The 15 Day International Travel Challenge *UPDATE*

A few weeks ago I came across the 15 Day International Travel Challenge on Vai Via Blog prompted from an awesome Tumber, International Education Blog called @broad.  The goal of the 15 Day International Challenge is to post for 15 days on the following travel topics about your times living or visiting abroad.

I’m excited to finally get started and hope you all will join in on the fun!  You can follow along and check other posts via this 15 Day International Travel Challenge Twitter list.

The topics for the 15 days are listed below and will link you to my corresponding posts on the topics.  I’ll be going a bit out of order, so please bare with me.

**UPDATE** The 15 Day Travel Challenge will be an ongoing effort. Check back for more updates to the travel challenge list.

Day 01Favorite place(s) you’ve been to
Day 02Where you’d like to travel next
Day 03 – An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad
Day 04 – A picture of you in another country
Day 05 – What do you bring with you when you travel?
Day 06 – What does “home” mean to you?
Day 07 – Besides people, what did/do you miss from home?
Day 08A favorite food from another country/culture
Day 09 – A song you like from another country/language
Day 10 – A favorite foreign movie
Day 11 – Did you have any milestones or “firsts” while traveling or living abroad?
Day 12 – Someone who influenced you to travel abroad
Day 13 – A favorite travel quote
Day 14 – What did you learn from traveling abroad?
Day 15 – Advice to someone who’s thinking about traveling to another country

Don’t have a blog?  Feel free to share your answers on Twitter, Facebook or in the comment section below. Looking forward to reading your responses!


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  • Vaughn says...

    love it! i think i’ll do it via twitter.

  • Jamaica My Way says...

    I love this idea! I’m so glad you found me so I could find you! I think I’m going to take part in this too, just for fun.

    • Yes! The universe is awesome like that!

      OK, I REALLY have to get on it. I think I shall officially re-start this on Monday, October 3rd.

  • Amy says...

    Great idea! I think I’ll be hopping on the bandwagon =)

  • Kate says...

    Hey, I just found your blog on the MatadorU blog link exchange thread! I love it! I’ll add it to my links page.
    This post immediately caught my eye, such a good idea..think i might try something similar.

    • Thank you Kate! Glad you stopped by. Yes this is an awesome idea. Will be working on finishing it soon and excited to see what you write as well!

  • Heather says...

    I just found your blog and I’m loving it! I am going to do this challenge as well, sounds fun! Thanks!

    • Awesome! Thanks for checking out the blog. Looking forward to seeing your challenge responses!

  • Sheryll says...

    I love this idea! Thank you for sharing

    • April Thompson says...

      No problem…Looking forward to seeing your responses and maybe one day I’ll actually find the time to finish it myself…:-)

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