Urban Escape 2015 Feedback

Thanks again for joining me on the first Urban Escape Tour to Kingston and Portland, Jamaica! I hope you all had a beautiful time and

I’d greatly appreciate your feedback. At your earliest convenience please complete and submit the form below!

Until next time,

April D. Thompson

  • 12345N/A
    Welcome Dinner at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records
    Breakfast at Spanish Court Hotel
    Lunch at Gloria's
    Dinner at Schotchies
    Lunch at EITS
    Dinner at 689 by Brian Lumley
    Lunch at Cliffhanger (Portland)
    Lunch/Dinner/Snacks (Patty, ice cream) at Devon House
    Dinner at M10
    Brunch at Terra Nova Hotel
  • 12345N/A
    Bob Marley Experience
    Downtown Kingston Tour
    Fort Clarence / Fort Charles
    Lime Cay
    Coffee Farm Tour
    Drinks at Strawberry Hill
    Drinks at Cru Bar
    Reach Falls
    Blue Lagoon
    National Dance Thetare Company Performance
    Rae Town Street Dance
  • 12345N/A
    Accommodations at Spanish Court Hotel
    Airport Pickup
    Airport Drop Off
    Driving throughout the Trip
    Welcome gift bag
    Total Cost of Trip

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