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After deciding not to go to business school, I fell into this horrible funk — my version of a quarter-life crisis. For 18 months, I had worked so hard to achieve a goal and then threw it away. Friends and family couldn’t understand why I wanted to leave a “great” job to go back to school and now forgo school to follow my passions.

It quickly became apparent how foreign the concepts of doing what you love and living your life out loud were for the people around me. I didn’t quit my job, but have been working daily to design a life that works for me, and here I am today!

So how did I get over that hump and find the courage to make a change?

Titles like Reposition Yourself by T.D. Jakes, The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shin, and prayer were a tremendous help. After getting my mind in a better place, support and like minded folks soon followed.

Everyday isn’t perfect, but I’m plugging away at making my life more of what I desire. I’m enjoying helping others along the way via the philanthropic initiatives, this blog and working/talking with you guys directly.

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