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Philanthropic endeavors I support

Support PUMA-Fortis 5k Run/Walk

Puma Fortis 5k Kingston Jamaica

I’ve always been a big supporter of education, whether that be formally though books and schooling or more experiential through exposure and experiences like giving teens their first passport. So I’m happy to show my support for the PUMA-Fortis 5k on May 26th (Kingston, Jamaica) in support of educational and sports initiatives at Kingston College and Alpha Boys’ School. […]

The Passport Party Project Comes to Atlanta

Atlanta Passport Party Project, Omni Hotel CNN Center Atlanta

I don’t remember getting my first passport. I was still in diapers at the time. Blowing spit bubbles, crying and chewing things to pass the time. And I don’t remember receiving my first passport stamp welcoming me and my family into Manila for a three year stay. I can’t quite pinpoint that moment when I fell […]

Chicago Passport Party Project 2012

Empowering Youth Through Travel logo

As much as I’d love to still be in Jamaica, I couldn’t be more pleased to spend this past weekend in Chicago for the Passport Party Project. It has been over a year since I joined Tracey and 10 lovely girls in Los Angeles (my home at the time) for the inaugural Passport Party Project. What a […]

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