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The Best Day of 2013

getting laid off

My best day of 2013? June 12th. No, I didn’t get engaged or meet the love of my life.  Didn’t win the lotto or anything cool like that either. And it wasn’t my birthday. Nope… I got laid off. Surprised? Did you think my travel writing gigs bankrolled my lifestyle? Well, not quite. For a few years, […]

Top 5 International Travel Necessities

Prince Valley Guest House, Blue Mountains, Kingston Jamaica

Hey travel lovers! It’s time for round 4 of the Traveling Brown Girls Carnival, hosted by Monique of Mo Travels! To date we’ve gotten some great tips and tricks from all of the participating travelistas and we continue today with our top 5 travel necessities. Of course you can’t travel without proper travel documents and  it’s always […]

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