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My First Calçotada: How to Eat Calçots

April 30, 2013


Our final day in Catalonia, we found ourselves at this beautifully restored farmhouse about 25 minutes outside of Girona. Despite not being able to take our morning hot hair balloon ride (due to weather), everyone was excited for the calçotada and learning how to eat calçots the Catalonian way. We abandoned the cozy warmth of […]

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Jamaica Epicurean Escape

December 31, 2012


To be so darn small, I sure can put away a lot of food. I don’t know what it is, but great food really excites me and I gladly indulge… Since my first conversation about the Jamaica Epicurean Escape with event producers, my mouth had been watering and my tummy ready!  Two days of food […]

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Chilitos: Jamaican + Mexican Deliciousness

January 6, 2012


I took a break from rice and peas and patties for something a little different. Chilitos, a Jamexican (Jamaican – Mexican fusion) restaurant has been on my radar for some time, from personal recommendation, blog write ups and Kartel took one of the Teacha’s Pet  contestants there for a date (don’t judge me for watching :-/). I […]

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My Filipino Favorite: Absolute Travel Addict’s Pancit Bihon

July 15, 2011


A special thanks and shout out to Chrystal of The Duo Dishes and Bren of Flanbouyant Eats for my awesome Foodista apron and cookbook that I won at Blogging While Brown last weekend.  This was my motivation to get in the kitchen.  Next I’ll be trying one of the amazing recipes from the Foodista cookbook!! I […]

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Exploring Tokyo: Sake Tasting and Yakitori in Shimbashi

June 11, 2011


Though I typically travel solo, I am rarely ever alone.  Between the Couchsurfing project, alumni and professional groups and the random people I meet, there is usually someone around while I explore a new destination. This trip, I connected with 2 members of the MSU Alumni group of Tokyo, Fumiko Masuzawa and Keeichi Higuchi, who showed […]

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