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#VisitPhilly: The City of Sisterly Love

magic garden uncle herb

Will Smith, the Liberty Bell and cheesesteak. When someone mentioned Philly, these were the images that came to mind. Despite having family who’s called the Philadelphia area home for decades and the many trips I’ve made to the region, I’d never actually set foot in the city of brotherly love until this November. Guests of the […]

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

sunrise on the mississippi gulf coast

Growing up in the south, I didn’t really appreciate what the region had to offer for vacation. Instead, I opted to head for more popular domestic and international locales. One thing I learned from years of traveling is that some of the best destinations are the lesser-known places that you typically wouldn’t expect. With that […]

Changes Ahead

Life Changes

After reluctantly leaving Jamaica in February, I headed back to Atlanta. Well not really Atlanta, but a northern suburb that I called “home” when I wasn’t globetrotting. My goal? To be still for a few months and work through some projects and plans that have been patiently awaiting action for the last several months. And […]

Cloud 9 Living Gift Experience Review

Cloud 9 Living Logo

It’s been 2 months since I’ve been back in Atlanta (the longest I’ve been outside of Jamaica all year) and boy have I been a busy bee. I’ve zipped from Atlanta to Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and Miami. I’ve caught up with old friends, hosted my first travel meet up and so much more. It’s […]

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