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Travel stories and other travel related posts and discussion from an African American/Black solo female traveler.

Travel Tip: Save with KAYAK Explore

Travel Tip Kayak Explore

Sometimes you just want to get away. And it doesn’t really matter where. Just somewhere warm, with a beach. Maybe gambling and golf too, if that kind of thing suits your fancy. For many people time and budget are one of the biggest constraints to getting this getaway booked. Instead searching randomly for a million […]

Want a Free Passport?

free passport passport a month.jpg

I’m no Oprah. I’m not passing out free cars or giving away all expenses paid vacations. I haven’t built a school for girls in Africa or started my own TV network. And I certainly don’t have her bank account…yet! BUT, despite the differences between me and Ms. O, there is one thing we do have in […]

Life in Accra: An African City

an african city nana

What comes to mind when you think of life in Africa? Be honest. Is it extreme poverty, starving children and squalor a la Save the Children? How about political corruption, religious war and tribal conflict? Or maybe African life evokes images of wild, exotic animals roaming free? Whatever it is, it can’t be modern or […]

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