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Travel stories and other travel related posts and discussion from an African American/Black solo female traveler.

Webinar: Daring to Love


Cynthia Belmer is a best-selling author, love coach, inspirational speaker and student of life. She helps driven women become the right partner for themselves before they attract the right one for life. Cynthia’s work is focused on self-love, deep inquiry and surrender. It’s been amazing meeting and getting to know Cynthia these last months in […]

#WanderlustWednesday: Bali Travel Tips with Diana O’Gilvie

Bali Travel Tips

After watching (or reading) Eat, Pray Love, I think Bali made its way to almost everyone’s travel bucket list, including mine. Though I still haven’t made it to this Indonesian paradise just yet, for this #WadnerlustWednesday, I got insider travel tips from Diana O’Gilvie, a travel writer, photographer and film maker who now calls Bali home. In our […]

It’s Finally here…Introducing Travel Dreamers Academy

Travel Dreamers Academy Logo

It’s finally here! After over a year thinking about it and weeks bringing it to life, I’m so excited to present… Travel Dreamers AcademY! I created the Travel Dreamers Academy, a 5 week guided online course to help you design and live your ideal travel lifestyle. So you can finally stop lusting over those Facebook and Instagram photos, […]

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