How To Set Travel Goals for 2016…And Actually Achieve Them

How to set travel goals and actually achieve them

It’s that time of year again, time for resolutions and intentions. Although 2016 is already in full swing, it’s never too late to set (or reset) your travel goals for 2016 and beyond.

I hear lots of people say these throughout the year…

“I want to travel more.”


“This is my year to finally get a passport and put it to use.”


“I’m finally going to visit Africa this year.”

One the surface, these sounds like great goals. Yay, travel! But the  truth is for most people these aren’t great goals and they won’t actually achieve them. They’re great dreams and aspirations, but without specificity and an action plan, they will likely remain just that…dreams.

Here at Absolute Travel Addict, my goal is to help you transition from travel dreaming to travel doing. Use these three steps to plan out your travel goals AND increase the likelihood of success.

Be Specific, better yet be S.M.A.R.T. 

Instead of saying, I want to travel more, be specific and make your goal like this instead:

In 2016, I will travel to Nigeria in December for Calabar Festival, lead a group trip in South Africa in October, spend an extended weekend at a beach front villa in the Caribbean in February and take advantage of other opportunities to travel as they arise.

To take your SMART goal to the next level, get clear on your why. Is this your travel goal because you’ve been dying to visit since you were a kid, are there familial or ancestral ties, do you need the mental break or are you looking to show off on Facebook and Instagram? Regardless for the reason, clearly understanding your why will help gain the motivation to see your goals through.

Be Deliberate: Make and Execute Your Plan

Creating vision boards and using affirmations are great, but action makes the biggest difference.

Using your SMART travel goals, you can create plans to achieve your goal. With a specific date in mind you request vacation days. Have a specific set of destinations in mind?  Research average flight prices to know much you need to budget and start saving now. Set alerts for notification of flight deals. Not sure what to do? Take time to research places you’d like to visit and events/activities of interest on blogs, guidebooks, and various travel communities. You may luck up and uncover some great finds and maybe even a travel buddy or two.

The point is to start doing something toward attaining your goals, it doesn’t have to be everyday, but do something with some consistency, and inch by inch you’ll get there. It’s sometimes overwhelming to think of achieving a massive goal, but breaking it down into smaller pieces makes it so much more manageable.

While you’re busy making and executing plans, also be open to different opportunities that arise to help you achieve your goal faster, easier or in a way you never imagined. It’s funny how when you focus on your goals and start taking deliberate action, things just seem to fall into place. You have to have faith and trust the process.

 Don’t Fall Off the Wagon, Stay Accountable

It’s not always easy sticking to a plan. Life happens and presents tons of opportunity for you to get off track. Having an accountability partner or community to cheer you on and remind you of your goals and your why increases the likelihood of your sticking to your plan through completion.

Need a little guidance?

I’ve created a quick travel goals checklist to get you on the right track. Click the link below to download your free copy now.

Download Your Checklist

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