Little Passports: Give Your Kids the Gift of Travel

Some children walk by age 1, but I flew. (Yep, I’m an overachiever. ;-))

little passports first passport

My first passport.


That’s when I got my first passport and my family moved from Georgia to Florida and on to the Philippines for 3 years. Growing up in a military town, I was surrounded by people who traveled regularly and lived all over the world. While my elementary classmates were at recess, I spent two days a week studying French with a native speaker as part of a gifted and talented program. Although I don’t speak any French today and my international jaunts were few as a child, I do appreciate the exposure different cultures and how they shaped my future.

Of course, I realize that’s not everyone’s childhood experience.

Family life is busy, and with everything you have going on, you may not have the time or money to travel with your brood right now. And you may not live in the most culturally diverse area. I’m guessing, however, since you’re here, that you have an appreciation for travel and other cultures  want to impart that to your offspring (or other young children in your life). At the very least, you probably want your children to learn geography and not embarrass themselves as adults, right?

little passports global adventures

I recently learned about Little Passports and knew that it would be of interest to those of you who want to raise culturally aware children and get that travel seed planted early.

Little Passports is a monthly subscription program that has your kids traveling the world or the U.S. (your choice) vicariously from your sofa. Just think: no passports, no shots, no 8-hour flight with a crabby tween.

little passports world travel kits

Little Passports World Edition

If you choose the World Explorer subscription (recommended for ages 5-10), your child will receive the Explorer Kit, which includes a travel suitcase with a letter from Sam and Sofia (fictional globetrotting children), a world map, a “passport,” and stickers, activities, and access to online games. Sam and Sofia send a new package each month as they travel to their next destination. The USA edition (recommended for ages 7-12) is similar, with Sam and Sofia hitting up two states per month. Monthly subscription plans start at $10.95. (Way cheaper than airfare!)

Little Passports USA Edition

Little Passports USA Edition

While it’s not a substitute for hitting the road and interacting with real people (at home and while traveling), Little Passports is a great precursor to your first international family trip or every day addition to training up young global citizens.

Will you be giving Little Passports a try?

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