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Life in Accra: An African City

an african city nana

What comes to mind when you think of life in Africa? Be honest. Is it extreme poverty, starving children and squalor a la Save the Children? How about political corruption, religious war and tribal conflict? Or maybe African life evokes images of wild, exotic animals roaming free? Whatever it is, it can’t be modern or […]

Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It?

Is Travel Insurance Worth It

“Be still. You’re bleeding.” He lightly patted a cold, damp cloth on the left side of my face, just above my eye. I felt cloudy and a slow dull pain began to creep across my face. “Let me see it,” I demanded. After some resistance, he let me up to survey the damage. A nice open […]

I Like It Slow

slow travel

Thirty countries before I turned 30. That was the goal I set in 2010. I had less than 2 years to take my barely double digit country count and more than double it. A hefty task, but I was up for the challenge. At the time, travel was back in my life with a vengeance […]

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