Top casinos to visit when travelling in Europe


Casino of Monte Carlo

When planning a vacation, the world is literally at one’s feet just waiting to be visited. With so many choices, settling on a destination can be a bit tricky. For many people, Europe is a popular place to take a holiday. The continent provides a wide range of landscape, climates and cultural influences. Additionally, for those who are avid casino gamblers, playing online at websites such as Gaming Club online casino, many of the world’s top casinos can be found across the continent.

The Casino of Monte Carlo is one of Europe’s better known casinos. It dates from the middle of the nineteenth century though its current Belle Époque architecture is the result of substantial subsequent expansion and rebuilding. For many years the casino has provided an important part of the economy of the Monaco Principality as well as its royal family, it has been so successful that the local inhabitants don’t pay taxes. It also has some very interesting stories to tell. It is where the notorious British con man and gambler Charles Wells made a fortune winning 23 out of 30 successive wins in the roulette wheel, and where the Yorkshire engineer Joseph Jagger discovered a bias on the roulette wheel that he exploited to good effect winning, in today’s money, around a million dollars. The casino has also featured in James Bond movies and the original Ian Fleming books. Fleming used it in Casino Royal and it was used in the movies GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again. It was also used as a film location in Oceans 12.

The Baden Baden Casino is one of the most well-known casinos in Germany. The casino is located within the Black Forest and the design of the casino is much like a castle. Many who visit here find the casino to be quite picturesque not only in regards to its physical setting and exterior but to the elegant French décor found inside. The gaming floor of the casino is 32,000 feet and offers nice range of casino games. Slot machines can be found as well as many different table games. While visiting the casino, there are some other local sights that should not be missed. Baden Baden is home to natural baths that have been in use since back to the days of the Romans.

Another casino in Europe that is historical would be Spain’s Casino Castell De Peralada. The casino is found within northern Catalonia. The casino is actually built within a 14th century castle which makes for some beautiful décor as elements of a casino are combined with medieval elements such as coats or armour and knight armour. The casino is surrounded by gardens with two towers. As part of the casino complex, a five star hotel, wine spa and golf course are also found here. The site is also the home to numerous tournaments as well as an annual music festival. The casino offers two kinds of roulette: American and French. Poker is also popularly played.

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