Featured Travel Addict: Ornella from Jamaica

Featured Travel Addict Ornella from Jamaica

Featured Travel Addict Ornella in St. Ann, Jamaica

I love sharing my travel stories with you guys, but I also get emails from and have met some of the most awesome travel addicts around the globe. Starting today I’ll be sharing a bit about their stories too in a new series called Featured #TravelAddict.

First up is Ornella, a medical student and blogger I met during the Jamaica Blog Awards earlier in the year. Despite her hectic school schedule, Ornella finds time to get out and explore her island home from the resort experiences like this one to hiking in the mountains. I’m looking forward to connecting with her once I return back to Jamaica!

Meet Featured Travel Addict Ornella from Jamaica

I’m Ornella Green, a 22 year old medical student and blogger who hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica, Kingston more specifically. Kingstonians Do It Best!!!!
Featured Travel Addict Ornella kayaking

Featured Travel Addict Ornella kayaking

My most recent travel adventure was a family vacation which took me to a hidden gem located in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica called Jewel Runaway Bay Hotel. It was a much needed holiday escape in the cooler months of December 2012 when my family and I made the 2 and a half hour journey to Runaway Bay. The best thing about spending time in a hotel is the ability to escape the mundane repetition of your daily life and indulge in those activities that you wouldn’t dare to do on a regular basis and that’s exactly what I did. A love of aquatic activities I participated in kayaking and sailing, both a first for me and both items completed from my bucket list.
Featured Travel Addict Ornella Enjoying the sea

Featured Travel Addict Ornella

I’m by nature a wanderer, a dreamer and an adventure-seeker. I love seeing new things and having new experiences. The memories made which last  longer than merely just living the same day in repeat indefinitely. I love learning about new cultures, meeting new people, seeing the beauty of what thee world has and the freedom of travelling. That’s why I love to travel and I’m a travel addict.

Want to be the next featured travel addict?

Send me 1-3 shots from a recent vacation, a little bit about yourself and short description of your trip and what makes you a travel addict to info [at] AbsoluteTravelAddict [dot] com.

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