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My First Calçotada: How to Eat Calçots

How to eat calcots Luxury accomodations in Catalonia Spain

Our final day in Catalonia, we found ourselves at this beautifully restored farmhouse about 25 minutes outside of Girona. Despite not being able to take our morning hot hair balloon ride (due to weather), everyone was excited for the calçotada and learning how to eat calçots the Catalonian way. We abandoned the cozy warmth of […]

Jamaica Bacchanal 2013: Ready for Di Road

Jamaica Bacchanal 2013 Road March crowd

Janeen’s back iwth the 3rd and final installment of Jamaica Bacchanal 2013. Jamaica Bacchanal Road March The Bacchanal Road March is always bitter sweet for me, sweet because it’s so much fun and I enjoy seeing the beautiful costumes but bitter because it signals the end of the season. I have to wait an entire […]

Blackberry Z10 Update

Verizon Wireless Ambassador Blackberry Z10

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I’m now a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. And with this honor, free phone and service, I’ll be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on the Blackberry Z10. Here’s an update on my first 2 weeks as a Blackberry Z10 owner It was a bit of a rocky start start […]

Jamaica Bacchanal 2013: J’ouvert

Jamaica Baccahnal J’ouvert 2013

Janeen is back with part two of Jamaica Bacchanal 2013. This time she talks J’ouvert! Really hate I missed this. Check it out, and don’t forget to link with Janeen on her Facebook page, The Dryland Tourist! Beach J’ouvert J’ouvert is a staple of West Indian Carnivals, the celebrations differ on each island but two […]

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