Finding Emotional Wellness Through Travel

“An emotionally well person knows how to express, trust, and prioritize herself.” ~Akilah Richard,

Well I’m up next at the midway point of the Women’s Emotional Wellness Conference. And to be quite honest, it was a lot harder than I thought this was going to be.

I’m not a wife and don’t have any kids, but between my corporate marketing gig and the other stuff life hands me, it can be easy for life to “get in the way” of maintaining emotional wellness.I don’t profess to be a life coach or have all of the answers, but I hope that you find something in this post or in this site, especially in the inspiration section, that moves you do something a little different and helps you nurture your emotional wellness, live life on your terms and make your travel dreams come true!

How I nurture my emotional wellness

“Rather than be guided by the words of someone else seek the truth for yourself.” ~Jah9

After deciding not to escape my job for business school, I made a promise to myself to make some drastic changes There’s no silver bullet to maintaining and nurturing emotionally wellness. It comes through trial and error and reflection. For me, prayer + meditation play a huge role. One of my favorite books that has played a significant role in nurturing my emotional wellness is entitled, The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn. It’s a collection of stories and affirmations that address a series of topics including love, prosperity, health, money and so much more.

In addition to making time for reading, writing, meditation and exercise, travel is a huge component in maintaining emotional wellness. It’s one of a few things that I have made a priority for life. While my mom may not fully understand why I’d rather be in Brazil for New Year’s Eve than at home and I don’t get to see friends as much as I’d like, I go anyway because it’s important to me and also benefits others along the way. It’s through travel and exploration that I, in a way, rediscovered who I am and gained the confidence to take more risks and overcome fears. Travel has given me new perspective and makes me question old habits, expectations and sometimes my values. It pushes me to become a better person.

Regardless of what and how you seek t to nurture your emotional self, those practices and decisions have to align with your personal needs and silence the critique, expectations and demands from the people and situations around you.

How I overcome fear

In Akilah’s latest  book, The Execumama’s Survival Guide, she discusses 7 survival categories, among them, fear, growth, money, relationships.  While at some point, I have dealt with all 7, fear has definitely proven to be my biggest adversary.

I’ve had people speak about my fearlessness for traveling solo and packing up my life to move toLos Angelesand thenKingston. But fear of launching new projects, fear of fully speaking my mind and fear of failure are just a few fears that have gotten in the way at some point. Dealing with fear is never easy, but taking the time to recognize what it is and the source of the fear is the first step at conquering it. To an extent, it’s almost like the objection handling methods learned in sales school, peeling back the layers of excuses until the root of the problem is revealed. In most cases that fear can’t harm you that drastically and you always have  an alternative course of action to avoid that least desired outcome.  

How The Absolute Travel Addict helps women get emotionally well

“Perspective makes the different between tragedy and things meant to provide you with an opportunity.” ~Jah9

This site was created to encourage people to explore our world. For many I hope that means get a passport and explore a new country, whether on vacation, work, study abroad or otherwise. And not just go to a place and stay held up in a resort for 3-7 days. I mean get out meet new people different than you, eat new food, try your hand at a different language or dance. Have dialog that causes you to think and open your mind a little more. Travel alone and do something outside of your comfort zone. And the exploration doesn’t even have to be out of the country. It could be in the next town over, a different neighborhood or restaurant or someone with a different background than you. Travel offers the opportunity to relax, reflect and gain new perspective and new insights. If you allow it.

Why women should prioritize emotional wellness

Women have to prioritize emotional wellness for other aspects of life to go a bit more smoothly. When you are emotionally well, you’re more likely to make sound decisions for your business, for your family and as well as yourself.  I’ve found that when I’m taking time out for myself and expressing my self, I make more sound decisions, I’m less indecisive, I’m happier and able to do my work more effectively and efficiently. Just like proper nutrition and physical wellness, emotional wellness is an integral part of a woman’s day to day life and should be a top priority for you as well.


I genuinely hope you following the rest of the women sharing in the Women’s Emotional Wellness Conference. Here’s a look at what you have missed to date: It’s not too late to sign up for notifications in your inbox of new conference content here.

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  • The line that stood out the most for me was “get out of your comfort zone.” It truly is very simple to do the same thing, over and over again…and then again. However, once you try something new, it shifts your perspective. You see something new when you move. If you are walking up or down a mountain, the view looks different between your first step and the fifth. Here’s to more passport rotation and lifestyle elevation!

    • Tell me about. I now strive to be comfortably uncomfortable in most things I do. It’s hard at times, it’s the only way to make progress in life. Cheers to passport rotation and lifestyle elevation!

  • I also use travel to stabilize my emotions, along with prayer and meditation. Sometimes I need to be in the hustle and bustle, and other times, quiet serenity. And it’s something about planning a trip that get my emotions charged up. I’m a month and half away from my second trip to Italy and I get excited everyday. No worries from work or in my personal life can stop my feelings of elation and excitement that comes with travel.

    • Completely agreed. It takes a variety of things for most people, but travel is like that old reliable. Excited about your return to Italy. Have a blast!!

  • Akilah says...

    April, this is so beautifully written, and I’m not the least bit surprised. You are such a solid example of the rewards that come with leaving your comfort zone behind. Your willingness to push through fear gives the rest of us the reminder that it is feasible, and that the universe supports that more than we can see at first glance. I appreciate you.

    • Thanks Akilah. I appreciate you too and organizing this month of sharing and expression and continuing to push me and many others to live unmuted and fulfilled lives!

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