Happy 50th Independence Day Jamaica

Happy 50th Independence Day Jamaica!

The last (almost) 3 years exploring the island have been an amazing ride. And, this past week of Olympic, emancipation and independence celebrations has been one I won’t soon forget. While Jamaica may not be the land of my birth, it’s definitely a land I love. Things aren’t perfect in Jamaica, but I’m hopeful for better and brighter tomorrow! Happy 50 years of Independence!!

Nuff love and respect,

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  • Thanks Sandie. Glad you enjoyed the pics! It was so hard to stay focused and take pics and video with everything that was going on. The vibe was so amazing from the women’s medal ceremony to well after the finals ended. Such a great time and happy to bring you along via photos!

  • Sandie says...

    Happy Independence Day Jamaica! Love your photos at Usain Bolt’s restaurant on Facebook – I can only imagine how exciting it was to be there! You don’t know how badly I wish I could be there. At least I can live through your postings and photos! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

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