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The Women’s Emotional Wellness Conference


It’s no secret, The Absolute Travel Addict is a travel blog. I travel, review accommodations and post pictures of my adventures from various corners of the world. And that was my intention, to travel and create a space that encourages others to get a passport, explore the world and live their best live. On the surface it […]

DJ’s First Trip to Japan

First trip to Japan: Tokyo Tower from Mori Tower Observatory

A few weeks ago I featured Rogers’ first international trip to Spain and I’m so happy to return this week with another first international trip report, this time from DJ, a young professional living in DC. In this post, DJ retells his story of preparing for his first trip out of the US to Japan. As long […]

My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

What really grinds my gears: Top 5 Travel pet peeves

Travel pet peeves? We all have them. I’m a pretty laid back person and not too easily annoyed or agitated. But, when it comes to travel and the tons of people you have to interact with in the digital and analog world, there’s guaranteed to be some frustrating situations. As much as I try not […]

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