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It’s about that time again! In less than 11 days, tons of reggae, dancehall and Jamaica lovers will be flocking to Montego Bay for the 20th staging of Reggae Sumfest. I first stumbled across Sumfest in 2010returned last year in 2011 and will be back again in 2012!

In the last few weeks, I’ve been getting tons of messages on Facebook and e-mails asking what to expect, what to wear and the ticketing situation for Sumfest. Soooo, I decided to create this post with responses to most of those frequently asked questions. Hope this helps.

When is Reggae Sumfest 2012?

This yearSumfest kicks off with the beach party on July 15th  featuring DJ Kentucky and others at Aquasol Theme Park. The 3 nights of Sumfest concerts run nightly from July 19th through July 21st at Catherine Hall.

Where is Reggae Sumfest held?

The beach party will be held at Aquasol Theme Park on July 15th which is located on the Hip Strip. The concerts will be held at Catherine Hall, July 19th through July 21st. Not sure how to get there? Grab a taxi or transpiration from your hotel to keep it simple.

Who is performing at Reggae Sumfest 2012?

The Sumfest producers have put together a line up of artists including Dancehall and reggae favorites, old and new, and top international acts. Below are the artist lineups each night:

Beach Party DJs:

Dancehall Night 2012 Lineup:

International Night 1 Lineup:

International Night 2 Lineup:

Projtoje confirmed for Reggae Sumfest 2012

How much are Sumfest tickets?

Sumfest tickests start at $18US/JA$1,500 for the beach party (which includes Red Stripe) and go up to $225US/JA$19,000 for VIP passes for the whole weekend. You can find a full break down of ticket prices and purchase tickets online here: 

Where can you buy Reggae Sumfest tickets?

Sumfest ticks can be pruchased online and the official ticket distributor, Touchtone Ticketing, here or at any of the 2012 ticket outlets listed here. Tickets are available at the on the day of the event, but will cost a little more for the late purchase at the gate.

What do Sumfest tickets look like?

Sumfest tickets aren’t actually tickets, but wristbands color coded to correspond to the type of ticket you have purchased. Your wrist band color will determine what days and areas of the venue you have access. I’ve never purchased tickets online, so I’m not sure how that works out, but I’m sure only tickets get converted to wristbands at the gate.

What does the VIP pricing include?

VIP Sumfest tickets provide access to the closest area to the stage, just behind the press pit. The area is fenced off and guarded by security who will only let you enter with the appropriate wristband. VIP tickets also give you access to part of the back stage area. There are additional restrooms and food stalls which will have shorter lines than those open to general admission. You may even run into some of your favorite artists backstage enjoying the vibe with you.

What time do the concerts start and how long do the concerts last? 

Beach Party: Gates open at noon, Party starts at 2pm

All other nights: Gates open at 7pm, Party starts at 9pm

Expect concerts to run until 5am or later, so adjust your arrival times accordingly and get plenty of rest.

Is there seating at the venue?

In the past there has only been limited seating around the food vendors both backstage and in general area. If you have a lawn chair, bring it. If not, there are vendors renting chairs for the night (or at least there have been in the past).

What should I wear to Reggae Sumfest?

There’s no official Sumfest dress code, so wear what makes you comfortable. Just note that the venues are outside and 5 inch heels might not be the best option, especially if it rains. The nights are looonnng so whether I’m in a dress or shorts and a tank, I’ll be in comfy shoes for sure!

What to wear to Reggae Sumfest

Me and Heike and Dancehall Night 2011

Is there an age limit for Sumfest events?

Attendees must be at least 16 to attend Dancehall night. There is no age restriction for International Night 1 & 2, but everyone 5 years and old must have a ticket/armband.

If I can’t make the event, can I watch it online?

Yes! Sumfest will stream again online at

Is Sumfest safe?

Due to the large crowd, you will find tons of police patrolling the venue during Sumfest. In the last two years I’ve attended, I’ve never experienced any problems, fights or anything outside of attendees having a good time and enjoying the vibe. As the case with any large concert or event, please be mindful of your surroundings, monitor your drinking and be respectful of others’ space and you won’t have any problems.

Last year I showed up at Sumfest alone and made a new friend before leaving my hotel…

Heading to first night of Sumfest 2011 with E!

Is there food available at Sumfest?

But of course there is food and lots of it! Tons of vendors line the perimeter of the venue and in the backstage area (accessible with VIP bands) ready to serve your tummy’s desire, from jerk chicken to rotis and a shot of vegetarian selections.

Have another Sumfest question? Ask it in the comments sections below and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

For more information about the event, artist bios and other Sumfest announcements, refer to the official Sumfest website, You can also follow them on Twitter at @ReggaeSumfest and fan them on Facebook at Reggae Sumfest

Hope to see you there!

**Please note that all responses are based on my personal experiences, which may or may not be the same as your Sumfest experience.

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  • Michelle says...

    Hi we plan on attending Sumfest 2015 beach party. Do you know what time its starts and ends and the line up. We probably wont get there until around 4/5 since our flight get in around noon. Can u give us suggestions /what to expect. This is our first time.

    • It runs until late so arriving around 5pm should be fine. Please continue to check their site to get gate open times. It’s a party on the beach. There will be Djs and drinks and food. Some local artists will likely perform.

  • Alex Edwards says...

    Me and my friend are wanting to come to sumfest 2014. Can you tell us the exact location of the festival, or the name of any hotels that are very close by? Thank you x

  • Tiff says...

    Do you know the dates for the Reggae Sumfest 2014????

    • No, they aren’t announced yet, but sign up on the email list for notification.

      • Tiff says...

        Where do I sign up for the emails?

    • ang says...

      july 13-19 2014

    • Sundance says...

      2014 – ….looks like July 13th to the 19th.

      We did Sumfest 2013…..awesome!

  • Tiff says...

    Do you know the dates for 2014????

  • Misty says...

    How late does the Beach Party usually run? I see the beach party starts @ 2pm, but what time des it usually end?

    • Last year was my first year going to the beach party. It lasts until really late. I definitely would go before 5pm unless you are looking to lay out and play on the beach. And depending on the wrist band you have, you may or may not be able to leave and come back. You’ll have to inquire with even coordinators.

  • Marc says...

    I would like to buy tickets for this year but im not sure who is performing on what nights….would you know where I can find that info?

    • Hey, I’ve added a link with the current artists to date. New artists will be announced slowly over time.

  • Melia says...

    Your site is really inspiring! Keep sharing!!

  • Jason says...

    Great info…I really wish I could go. Looking forward to hearing how it was!


    • Yeah, I wish you could go too. You would have a blast! But that’s OK, maybe next year or something else better, sooner!

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