My 5 Point Wish List for the Perfect London Apartment

After 5 months of getting adjusted to life in Jamaica, I’m finally finding a nice balance of work, play and exploration. But as much as I love my island paradise, I’m equally excited for several upcoming trips year: Denver Passport Party, TBEX US, and World Travel Market.

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market

Even though it’s the latest in the year, I can’t stop thinking about plans for the Ultimate Travelista Meetup in London this November during World Travel Market. I’ve already requested vacation, been eyeing flight itineraries and prices and gotten my order together for desserts from Marnie Searchwell Cakes.

One thing not on my to-do list this time around is finding housing. Thanks to Go With Oh, a European apartment rental agency, my London accommodations are secured and I couldn’t be happier with the selection. It’s almost as if they had my wish list for the perfect London apartment in mind.

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market

Here’s what’s on my wish list…

1. Fabulous Roommates

Life as a solo traveler is never really lonely, but during conferences like World Travel Market, it’s always great to have a buddy (or 4) to share the experience. I’ll be bunking with Carol Alvarez Cain, Monique White Rubin, Tracey Friley and Tawanna Browne Smith, four travel bloggers making an indelible mark in the travel space. It’s great to finally have a chance to meet in real life.  It almost has the makings of The Real World, though I feel like I already know so much about them already through their blogs.

2. Lots of space

Compared to those in the US, accommodations in Europe can be a bit on the smaller side. Add 5 women and all of our luggage to the mix and things could potentially get cramped really fast. Luckily, our three bedroom flat actually, which sleeps 8, has nice sized bedrooms and spacious common area.  The five us will have more than enough room to spread out when we aren’t at the Expo or out painting London red.

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market

3. Location, Location, Location

Access to the North Greenwich tube station, the O2 arena and a plethora of restaurants, shops and entertainment are all within a short walk from our home away from home. It will be a breeze getting back and forth to ExCeL London, the World Travel Market venue and other activities planned throughout the week. I’m sure once we finish the long days on the expo floor, we’ll find time further explore the area.

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market by North Greenwich Tube Station

A short walk or bus ride to the North Greenwhich tube station

4. Great Views

Huge windows line the walls of each bedroom and the common areas of the apartment. We even have access to our own private balcony. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of clear days so I can sit out on the balcony and take in the views of the Thames River and surrounding area from our corner of the city. It’s the perfect way to start or end the day, especially with a cup of tea.

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market

Image by © Douglas MacGregor

5. Conveniences of home

One of the biggest benefits of renting apartments while on the road are the conveniences of home that you can’t always find in a hotel. A flat screen TV and wi-fi are a given and while there won’t be room service or housekeeping, having a fully equipped kitchen can never be a bad thing. Who knows what we might decide to whip up in the kitchen!

Perfect London apartment for World Travel Market Go with Oh London

Many thanks in advance to Go with Oh for making my first trip to London and first World Travel Market a little more special. Stay tuned for more trip updates as we get closer to the departure date and full trip reviews once we return. Monique is up next with 5 reasons she’s excited to Go with Oh.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Go With Oh, the European apartment rental agency that will be providing our London accommodations during World Travel Market 2012.  All opinions are my own.

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  • […] be spending some of my time in London sharing an apartment with fellow travelers Tracey Friley, April Thompson, Monique White Rubin,  and Twanna Smith in a beautiful, spacious apartment provided by Go with Oh! […]

  • Charu says...

    When I was living in London, I had a small flat in Sloane Square, a beautiful section near Knightsbridge in London. Beautiful view of Sloane Street and great space (although not HUGE). I find location most important of all..I would walk down the road to cafes and beautiful shops and PARKS. Sounds like you’re going to have a blast!

    • I agree Charu, location is key. Your neighborhood and flat sound pretty fabulous too. It’s time to ramp up in my London research!

  • […] to worry about when I travel to London to meet up with four other female travelers, Tracey Friley, April Thompson, Monique White Rubin,  and Carol Alvarez Cain. We’ll be relaxing in a spacious well-appointed […]

  • Carol says...

    Apartment rentals are so sexy when traveling! lol! No, truly, it’s such a great way to connect to your environment and the people around you. I am so excited about the trip! Can’t wait!

  • Molly Groman says...

    The apartment looks comfortable and spacious and the view is also great!

    All the best for all the upcoming trips, keep us updated!

  • Monica says...

    That looks fabulous! Hope you ladies have a wonderful time~

  • Tawanna says...

    I can not wait! You just schooled me even more about the benefits of the apartment, i.e. proximity to the train…oh, um Tube, right? Guess I need to scratch the NY lingo and get up with the London dialect. Go With Oh! really has me excited for this trip and meeting up with 4 rocking group of traveling women to explore London with. See you soon!

    • We have some time to get the NYC out of you, even just for a week. Say it with now, tube, crumpet, spot of tea…lol

  • The apartment looks fabulous! Looking forward to meeting up with you ladies while you’re here in London!

  • Tina K says...

    What a great part of London to call home!! I lived a short bus ride from there and loved it!! Loved going to Greenwich market, walking by the Thames, and of course all the other little markets around on various days of the week! Oh how I miss London! Have fun!

    • Will do Tina! Going to be hard trying to cram everything in such a short week, but I can’t wait!

  • Nailah says...

    You guys are going to have a blast…and with any luck I’ll be there for the World Travel Market too… and I’m officially inviting myself over to your apartment for a spot of tea! :-)

    • Keeping fingers crossed that you make it and I’ll definitely have the tea steeping for you! :-)

  • Terri says...

    You guys are going to have so much fun!! I’m jealous!! :)

    • Yeah, I don’t think fun is quite the world! Wish you were going to Terri!

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  • OneBrownGirl says...

    I’m excited to be a part of your inaugural trip to London and I’m thrilled that we all get to Go With Oh! The Ultimate Travelista Meet-Up is on!!!! Fa la la…skipping and smiling.

    • Joining in with my happy dance! Glad to be a part of it. Thanks so much for everything!

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