Frugal Dad’s Top Travel Blogs, North America Travel Edition

The folks at compiled a list of their favorite travel writing and bloggers and The Absolute Travel Addict made the list!

Here’s what Frugal Dad had to say:

Absolute Travel Addict: Travel addicts everywhere can relate to the passion for new places found on this engaging blog. Following The Absolute Travel Addict around the world means hearing stories, life lessons, and browsing photos from journeys from Jamaica to France. The “30 by 30” travel challenge is a great tool for inspiring yourself to make travel a priority. We love the commitment to seeing the world we hear from The Absolute Travel Addict.

Thank You!

Thanks to for including me on this list of top travel blogs. Special thanks to all of you who read this blog, comment, follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter and chat with me via e-mail. I really appreciate it all!

For the full list of those selected on Frugal Dad’s Top Travel Blogs, North America Travel Edition, click the here.


  • Janice Temple says...

    Congrats! April, What an honor. Fantastic Blog.

  • Cutia says...

    Well-deserved! Congrats!

  • Shelley says...

    Wow, congrats April! I haven’t been reading your blog that long, but from our short acquaintance I say this is praise well deserved! I’ve absolutely enjoyed your Jamaica updates and, for selfish reasons, very sad to see you leave. Looking forward to your next adventure! :)

    • Awwww, thanks Shelley! I really appreciate it. I’m still getting acquainted with the whole blogging thing and figuring out which direction (with the blog and life) I should head next. Super sad to leave JA as well and glad you enjoyed the updates. I might actually be heading back sooner than later. Will keep you posted!

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